Spirit Doll Herculean

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Herculean is Spiritdoll’s newest 75cm line launched in November, 2011. At present there are four male sculpts available. The dolls are available in white skin, normal skin, and tan skin.


  • Cedar
  • Thuja
  • Pine
  • Ulmus


Height: 75cm
Girth of the head: 23cm
Eye size:
Girth of the neck 13cm
Width of the shoulder: 19cm
Length of the arm: 22cm
Girth of the chest: 37cm
Girth of the waist: 28cm
Girth of the hip 36.5cm
Length from shoulder to hip: 22cm
Girth of the biceps: 13cm
Girth of the forearm 12cm
Girth of the thigh: 20cm
Girth of the calf: 16.5cm
Length from bellybutton to bottom of the feet: 46cm
Length of the feet: 9.5cm