Spirit Doll LE

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Spiritdoll's limited edition dolls.


  • 2010 - Darknights
    • Moonless
    • Dark
  • 2011 - The Dark Wonderland
    • Stayne - The spade knight
    • Rouge - The red queen
    • Blanc - The White Queen
    • Insane - The Mad Hatter
    • Sesame - Tiny Alice


Proud female (v.1) [1] Proud female (v.2) [2] Proud male Tiny [3]
Height: 66cm 66cm 70cm 26cm
Girth of the head: 22cm 22cm 22cm 16.5cm
Eye size: 16~18mm 16~18mm 18mm 14mm
Girth of the neck: 10cm 10cm 10.5cm 6cm
Width of the shoulder: 12.5cm 12.5cm 16cm 7cm
Length of the arm: 20cm 19cm 21cm 7cm
Girth of the chest: 29cm (Large bust) 27.5cm 32.5cm 13cm
Girth of the waist: 17cm 19cm 23cm 12cm
Girth of the hip: 29cm 30cm 29.5cm 14.5cm
Length from shoulder to hip: 18cm 18cm 20cm 6cm
Girth of the arm: 8cm 7.5cm cm
Girth of the thigh: 15.5cm 16cm 17cm 7.6cm
Girth of the calf: 11cm 12cm 12cm 5.8cm
Length from bellybutton to bottom of the feet: 38cm 38cm 45cm 12cm
Length of the normal feet: 7.3cm (Width: 2.8cm) 7.3cm (Width: 2.8cm) 8.5cm 4cm


[1] Rouge; large bust Proud ver.1 body.
[2] Blanc; ver.2 Proud body
[3] Sezame; Innocence line body