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You may remove: Arrival dates older than 1 YEAR; shipping dates that haven't updated as received in over 1 YEAR.
You may remove: Arrival dates older than 1 YEAR; shipping dates that haven't updated as received in over 1 YEAR.
==July 2016==
*'''14 Betina''' NS Smart 'Liana' no face-up <font color="blue">Oct 27</font> <font color="red">Dec 19</font>
*'''31 loveewa''' NS Olea head no face-up <font color="blue">Oct 27</font> <font color="red">Oct 31</font>
==August 2016==
*'''07 OkamiKodomo''' WS Swordsman Taoist fullset, NS Smart boy body, WS Proud girl body <font color="blue">April 11</font> <font color="red">April 19</font>
*'''09 Fallstar''' NS Smart girl body <font color="blue">Oct 27</font> <font color="red">Nov 1</font>
*'''21 Hannaliten''' NS Elegance Hibiscus (blank), NS Dolce Nymphaea <font color="blue">Oct 27</font> <font color="red">Nov 1</font>
==September 2016==
*'''14 glucosa''' TS Smart Laurel <font color="blue">Dec 9</font> <font color="red">Dec 9</font>
==December 2016==
*'''07 Epicari''' NS Smart Snowdrop w/face up + event head <font color="blue">Mar 03</font> <font color="red">Mar 08</font>
*'''17 Cydril''' WS Dolce Brume + event Campsis head blank <font color="blue">Mar 03</font> <font color="red">Mar 08</font>
*'''19 .:Ishimaru:.''' WS Elegance boy body
==January 2017==
*'''03 july31''' WS Dolce Campsis w/ faceup + event Vine head w/ faceup, outfit <font color="blue">April 11</font> <font color="red">April 21</font>
==February 2017==
*'''17 july31''' NS Dolce Body + wig <font color="blue">April 11</font> <font color="red">April 19</font>
*'''26 july31''' WS Proud Arrowroot head <font color="blue">April 11</font> <font color="red">April 20</font>
==March 2017==
*'''25 OkamiKodomo''' NS Little Mermaid Fullset (split)
==April 2017==
*'''7 direpoodle''' NS Campfire <font color="blue">May 12</font> <font color="red">May 19</font>
*'''14 Sonik''' NS Pyrus no faceup <font color="blue">July 09</font>  <font color="red">July 25</font>
*'''19 Sakhmet''' NS Proud Female V2, Small Bust <font color="blue">July 19</font>
==May 2017==
*'''10 lucidling''' B/TS/NF Smart Snowdrop, +ETC, PIF <font color="blue">Aug 16</font> <font color="red">Aug 21</font>
==June 2017==
*'''13 hannaliten''' NS Fragrans head, blank
==July 2017==
*'''4 Akemi3167''' NS Smart boy body, NS Smart girl body <font color="blue">Sept 19</font> <font color="red">Sept 25</font>
*'''14 Betina''' NS Smart girl body
==August 2017 ==
*''' 5 Devilishxlianneke''' NS Herculean body, PIF <font color="blue">Dec 4</font>
* '''17 lilyindollyland''' NS, B Atropa on Proud 1st version girl body, layaway 2 parts 8/17, 9/13 <font color="blue">Dec 4</font> <font color="red">Jan 10</font>
==September 2017 ==
*''' 22 Prinsessen''' tan Little Mermaid Fullset +etc, PIF <font color="blue">May 15</font> <font color="red">May 29</font>
==October 2017==
==October 2017==

Latest revision as of 15:05, 13 July 2019

B= basic | FS = fullset | WS = white skin | NS = normal skin
w/f = with faceup | n/f = no faceup | +etc=hands wigs etc | l/w = Layaway or PIF = Paid in Full

Keep entries short & include shipped date or arrival date

Color Codes:  <font color="blue">JAN30</font> <font color="red">JAN30</font>

You may remove: Arrival dates older than 1 YEAR; shipping dates that haven't updated as received in over 1 YEAR.

October 2017

  • 09 Sonik NS Snowdrop Dream ver. no faceup, PIF

December 2017

  • 11 july31 WS Dolce Tangerine head n/f, +ETC, PIF May 14 May 20

January 2018

  • 01 echotexture tan Snowdrop, no faceup + NS Laurel event head, no faceup PIF

March 2018

  • 10 july31 WS Dolce Boy Body, geta feet +etc PIF Aug 9 Aug 13/Jan 16

December 2018

  • 6 Dynamint tan Olea w/f + event head (Monsieur Lapin) n/f + etc PIF JUN21

January 2019

  • 5 Jamie5m White skin Monsieur Lapin head PIF

February 2019

  • 07 orekimok WS Monsieur Lapin head May07
  • 13 OkamiKodomo WS Grace body, NS Celtis full doll blank, WS Monsieur Lapin head blank PIF

March 2019

29 july31 WS Monsieur Lapin full doll f/u PIF JUN26