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Click edit in the right hand corner, find the date in the list and add your order. (Quick edit tip - copy the order before yours, keep the code and add your information in the same style)

  • Date and username sculpt (including size when applicable), body, (resin colour), extras.
  • PIF = paid in full
  • L/W = layaway
  • Once your order is shipped, add the date in green.
  • When your order arrives, add the date in red.
Color Codes:  <font color="green">JAN30</font> <font color="red">JAN30</font>

You may remove: Arrival dates older than 1 YEAR; shipping dates that haven't updated as received in over 1 YEAR.

January 2016

  • 29 Lilinabe n2 Rudy, normal, intersex body, head make up, special parts: Mr. Hyde parts (white) + brushing + Mini fox parts & Wig March24 April01

March 2016

  • 1 'Kittzel 4R (Aiko/Mori) on girl body in white, fox parts, angel wings (black), geta feet, basic and gold leaf geta, 4 wigs - ? May 12
  • 1 Natawik No.1S The Mirror, normal skin, girl glamour body, black naga tail with no makeup and blushing - PIF May 8 June 28, 2016 ?
  • 5 NeighborsGirl 2x Nagatail, white, gift heads: no.3-R (Adrian,Hellena,Serena) and no.9-R(ISSAC,Bonnie,HARU) ? June 4
  • 6 Nightcandle Black Naga tail, upper body gray, intersex, Gift Head no.4-R (Aiko, Mori, Darlene), make up Adrian + Emerald Naga tail, upper body normal, glamour, Gift Head no. 8-R (Stella, Jennet), make up HARU + Deer parts + Wigs June 21 June 27
  • 9 Sprinkles Bonnie with faceup,normal skin, girl body with no blushing+ Aiko with no faceup, normal skin, glamor upper body with no blushing, emerald naga tail with no makeup, fox parts June 21, 2016 June 28, 2016
  • 9 Satyrdrawn Gift Head no. 8-R(Stella,Jennet), normal skin, white naga tail- Order/PIF June 1 June 3
  • 12 dark_starlover3 Adela, glamour body, normal skin, no face up or blushing May 17 May 19
  • 13 april Emerald Naga tail, upper body normal, intersex, Gift Head no.2-R (Patrick,Rudy,Chloe), make up Patrick PIF June13 Sept. 12 (no notice) Sept. 15 --Free gift wig for waiting.
  • 13 KokoruAi No.6R Adela: normal girl body w/face-up, No.1R Christine: purebright girl body w/face-up, Angelic wings ( black & white) PIF March 26 August 2 August 5
  • 14 TheUmbraWitch No.2R Patrick skin color : purebright, body type : intersex body, blank no blushing
  • 14 Rozel Issac, intersex body normal, angelic wings PIF March 28th ? June 30th
  • 15 Mizu-no-kimi Naga tail, purebright glamor bust, gift head rudy PIF June 10th June 28th July 6th
  • 15 cat199425 Emerald Naga tail, upper body gray, intersex, Gift Head no.3-R (Adrian,Hellena,Serena)
  • 15 Itzreeseybetch Stella purebright girl body, White naga tail x2, Jennet normal girl body, Juniper x4, Dark violet naga tail x2, Meyo normal girl body, Purple naga tail, Keoko normal girl body, She normal girl body, Isaac normal girl body, Adela fullset, Mini cat, Aiko normal glamour body (Layaway) August 3 August 6
  • 15 ShinigamiDuoLover Haru, pure bright, white Naga tail PIF March 25th June 21st June 25th

April 2016

  • 23 sleepy-star No.2R rudy, normal girl body. special parts : Mr. Hyde parts (gray) + brushing August 31 ?