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Volks released Pearl as a Super Dollfie 16 female doll. She is a part of the Volks Jewels story arc.


Head design was by ZOUKEI-MURA INC. Doll Design was by Valico and Outfit Design by VOLKS Doll Design Department


Original release was at Dolls Party in Volks USA Website (1st November, 2008). The doll was rereleased in

  • Super Dollfie Photo Album 2009 Another Yourself, as Pearl 2009 version

Included and optional parts


  • Eyes: HG Glass Eyes: Smoke Olive with Black Line: 16mm (VOLKS Original Color)
  • Makeup: ZOUKEI-MURA Air-Brushed Make-up, UV Coated
  • Wig: W-100-2 / Soft Wave: Color: 2 (Natural), SD size
  • Body: Super Dollfie 16 Girl body, Pure Skin Normal, UV Protection.
  • Outfit: Kimono Dress, Obi Belt, Upper Obi Ribbon, Panties, Long Boots

Outfit of the 2009 ver:'

  • crossline stone pierced earring, two consecutive cord necklaces, race brassiere, a short vest, layered sleeve tops, a double chain belt, denim Sabrina pants, race panties, string sandals

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