Super Dollfie Graffiti Date Masamune

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Volks released Date Masamune as a Super Dollfie Graffiti male doll. He is part of the Volks Echoes of a Beautiful Banquet story arc.


Head design was by ZOUKEI-MURA INC. Outfit was designed by VOLKS Doll Design Department.


Original release was at Home Town Dolpa Kobe, in 2011. Version 2 was released at Home Town Dolpa Sendai 2 (18 August 2018). Version 2 comes on the SDGr 13 Revival body (long legged version).

Included and optional parts


  • Eyes: ZOUKEI-MURA Dollfie Eyes “Date Masamune” Original Design, 16mm
  • Right/Left eyes are designed in different styles. Right Eye: Wagtail Eye
  • Makeup: ZOUKEI-MURA Air-Brushed Makeup, UV Coated
  • Wig: Original Style, Color: 2 / Natural, DD Size
  • Body: SD Graffiti Boy Body, L-02 Long Legs, Pure Skin Normal, UV Protection
  • Outfit: Eyepatch, Spotted Surcoat, Kimono, Leather Gloves, Corset, Leather Waist Sash, Hakama Pants, Hakama Hem Elastic (x2), Japanese Sword Belt, Black Boots
  • Optional Sword Holding Hands for SD13 Boy / SDGr Boy (Right/Left Set)
  • Japanese Sword

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