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  • Ingenue/Ingenue OE
  • Dreaming Ingenue/Ingenue SA
  • Ylisande
  • Nkiru
    • Elf Ingenue ~ a collaboration between twigling and Nanyalin of Magic Mirror Studios
    • Ingenieuse ~ a collaboration between twigling and Nanyalin of Magic Mirror Studios
  • Eloy
    • Newkiru
    • Elbe
    • Pietá
    • Pietá v2
    • Oryx
    • Kahlo
    • Gamine


  • Height: 67cm
  • Eye size: 14-16mm
  • Wig size: 8/9 inches
  • Option parts: Small, medium, large bust. Relaxed hands, posed hands, long nail hands

Clothes fit

Clothes that fit:
Note: the current "medium" bust was referred to as "large" until ~Nov 2013, at which point a new, larger bust became "large" and the old "large" became "Medium." In this list the new names (small/medium/large) for the busts are used to avoid confusion. make your own tops with this pattern

  • Iplehouse EID woman pants and bottoms, SID woman tops, Supergem tops
  • some Iplehouse EID woman clothing and 2 3
  • Iplehouse SID boy sweatpants
  • Soom Supergem corsets and fitted tops and 2
  • Soom Super Gem outfits
  • unfitted Dollmore model tops (on medium bust) and 2 3
  • Dollmore Model tights, leggings, and stockings and 2
  • Dollmore Model sized underwear
  • some Supia60 tops
  • some SD16 tops (on medium bust)
  • stretchy SD girl tops
  • Dollshe boy shorts

Clothes that DON'T fit:

  • Dollmore model fitted tops (on medium bust)
  • Iplehouse EID plaid skirt

Shoes fit

Shoes that fit:

  • SD13 boy shoes/boots
  • EID/SID woman shoes and 2 and 3
  • Marbledhalls shoes
  • custom shoes from b_o
  • wider Dollmore Model shoes
  • Dollmore Model Chilo heels and 2
  • Dollmore Model Dale Rae shoes
  • Dollmore Model Macy boots

Shoes that DON'T fit:

  • SD16 shoes
  • narrower Dollmore Model shoes


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