Volks Maiden's Promise

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Maidens' Promises is a story arc by Volks.


  • Liz - a protaginist, has a crush on Eden, lives in the house of Duke
  • Emma - a protagonist, lives in a wealthy house
  • Cristal - Liz's cousin
  • Eden - a guest at Emma's father's house
  • Daria - a governess at Liz's house



The two maidens, Liz and Emma, unfolding a story of lovely angels. What if the two could switch places without anyone noticing......?

Won't you go out together with them on their dream adventure story?


A story of two girls, a girl adapted into a noble family and another into a family of wealth, has begun.

Having comfortable lives, they feel some emptiness inside.

Liz wishes Emma's circumstance and Emma adore days of Liz. That is just an impossible dream no matter how they wish. But why do they think of the life of each other?

What it would be, if they could switch their life without being noticed?


An adventure of two lovely angels blooming in Europe, ”An Maidens' Promises", has begun.

Please welcome Emma and enjoy their adventure.


My dear little sister Liz, who has gone far away from me.

May I send you happy days, I wonder? Your smiling face, pretty as a flower - I want to see it just one more time...

The young Liz loved her cousin, Cristal, as if she were her older sister. Protecting the crybaby Liz was always Cristal's duty; just as if she were her knight in shining armour.

The childhood days that Liz and Cristal spent together with their nanny; these are crystalline memories of the passing moments that only the two of them could share.

Where those far-off, distant days might be... For Liz, the smile of those days... Cristal takes that first step forward.


"Who was the gentleman that I saw at your house the other day?"

That was all Liz could ask Emma.

"I don't really know, but he was a guest of my Father's"

Liz wants to know more and more about him. What is his name, where does he live, and how can she make him look at her?

The gentleman lives in Liz's mind. Ever since the day she saw him, she can't do anything of her favourite things like reading poems and lace-making.

"Should I tell Emma about this feeling? But she'd be surprised, it happened so quickly."

This mysterious guest is Eden, who suddenly appears in the maiden's peaceful days. Who will have his voice and eyes to themselves?


"Your eyes capture their radiance from the gentle morning sunlight. And it's as if you rest your heart and soul during your afternoon nap, so as to greet us all with the most beatific smile when we meet in the evening hours.

Liz, Your wondrousness brings smiles to everyone, Please don't forget that."

Out of all the governesses that have worked long at the Duke's manor, there has surely never been any other woan that was this strickt, and yet on occasion this kindm towards Liz.

Daria, those words are so beautiful, as if your fingertips themselves are clad in a veil of light.

Possible new characters/dolls?

  • Duke, mentioned in Daria's story line