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Entries must include at least one doll/head bought directly from the company or an authorized dealer.
Keep entries short & remember to add Order Confirmation Date, Shipment Date and/or Arrival Date when applicable.

Color Codes:  
'''Jan 30''' (for bold)
<font color="00AA00">'''Jan 30'''</font> (for bold green) 
<font color="FF0000">'''Jan 30'''</font> (for bold red)

You may remove: Arrival dates older than 1 YEAR; shipping dates that haven't updated as received in over 1 YEAR.

August 2020

  • 'sammu - [SWD] Adriana Fullset (Human head, grey skin); Ruby blank (rose white skin) Layaway 6/6 BJDivas (PIF 12/2020) 01/29/21’02/08/21

February 2021

  • 25 IngieBee - [JWD] 2 girl bodies (NS and RS) LW BJDivas Paid off 7/15/2021August 24 August 27
  • 26 BabySnow - [JWD] Egon the Elf Knight (Normal, face-up) Layaway via BJDivas

June 2021

  • 13 redmaiko - [JWD] Theo Basic (Beige Skin, blank) PIF 06/13/2021 7/30/218/2/21

July 2021

  • 02 valesophitia: JWD Eliza (Normal, blank, D-bust) Aug 30 Sept 7 | Dolk