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Blushing refers to adding colors and effects to the body and/or parts other than the face/head to enhance it details or to create a specific look. The term blushing is mostly used to refer to the body, because pastels are usually the medium that is used most often, thus creating a "blush" of soft colors over the parts to create a natural contrast that otherwise would not be as noticeable or seen. Blushing is not limited to pastels, of course. Some artists will create tattoos, freckles or birthmarks, which may require the use of watercolors or acrylics. Sometimes scars can be painted on, but once it gets into making etches or raised surfaces it would be considered a modification. Much of the same concept and materials of doing blushing is the same as a faceup.

Because blushing has more contact with surfaces such as clothing or even joints, it has a tendency to either chip or fade off more quicker or often than a faceup. Therefore it is usually suggested to be fairly generous with sealing the blushing, but not suggested to overuse sealants, as too much coating can make it difficult for removal later on when it is desired or it can possibly discolor the blush.