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iMda Dolls is a Korean company, distributed by Soom as part of Neo.AngelRegion. All dolls so far are limited to 50 and are available either normal or cream white skin.

Lim, dong a

Lim, dong a (林東雅) is the creator of iMda Dolls and one of the leaders in Soom's newly founded empire. Working since the late 1990s in the artistic field, he majored in Fine Art then graduated from Doll Space Pygmalion in Japan in 2006. In 2007, he opened the Soom Academy for doll sculpting and is now directing Neo.AngelRegion for Soom since october 2010. All iMda dolls : Agatha, Natassa, Gian and Modigli have been casted in 2010 but Lim, dong a takes part of art exhibitions as a doll maker since 2004. His official website is


  • iMda 5.2 is a 52cm doll line with currently two molds : Agatha and Natassa.
  • iMda 3.0 is a 30.5cm doll line with currently two molds : Gian and Modigli.