craig donovan

Head Sculpt:
normal skin
  • Face-up artist(s):
    Date of acquisition:
    14 march 2016
    ordered straight from foveo korea
    Best Points:
    i love his tired expression and little teeth!
    Worst Points:
    none, he's one of my favorites <3
  • Eyes:
    supia 16mm glass
    bjd wig factory
    Favourite colours:
    any and all
    Fashion style(s):
    grunge + lazy, he dresses for comfort
  • Name story:
    an homage to some of my favorite south park characters
    Character age:
    Character gender:
    Offsite roleplay:
    This doll's character is not available for offsite roleplay.
    craig was adopted at age seven. he was rowdy teenager and got into a lot of trouble, stressed out his parents, got himself and other people hurt.

    when he was thirteen, his moods got increasingly volatile. his parents took him to a child therapist for the sixth time, but nothing came out of it. no diagnosis was made and they were unable to pinpoint where craig's behaviours were coming from.

    when he was fourteen, he got into his first real fight. he won and the other kid ended up in the hospital. this is when his reputation as a juvenile delinquent began.

    when he was fifteen he got suspended from school for throwing a desk across the room in a fit of adrenaline. most of his peers thought he was a very out of control kid. he had friends, but none he felt that he could trust with his secrets. his friends describe him as cold and hardened by misfortunes.

    at age sixteen, he got in deep with a married man and things went horribly wrong when the wife found out and called craig's parents. craig considers it his greatest humiliation and a moment of sheer childish stupidity - but only because he was caught and treated like a victim. he didn't feel like one and he still doesn't.

    at age seventeen, craig was misdiagnosed with bipolar disorder even though there was no pattern. he was put on lithium and it really messed with his head since he shouldn't have been taking them in the first place.

    at age eighteen, craig was for a few petty crimes. since his night in the drunk tank, he has learned to be sneakier.

    at age nineteen, the misdiagnosis was corrected and he found out that he has borderline personality disorder. now he tries to be mindful of his behaviours, but he still slips up often because his moods are so turbulent. he has attended various support programs, but he doesn't feel like they help to keep him grounded.

    as an adult, he is generally easy to get along with as long as you leave him alone and let him do his own thing. it is hard to anger him, but when he does get angry he gets out of control. he used to have a lot of fits and temper tantrums when he was a child, but that stopped when he reached his teen years. he is incredibly intelligent with an above average IQ. he skipped a grade and graduated high school a year early. he does well in school without trying, but there are many days where he simply doesn't go, so his grades suffer.

    he considers his adoptive mother his savior and when she passes away in an accident, his life deteriorates.

    craig likes: sleeping, computers, his mom
    craig dislikes: cops, any organized government institution

    other stats:
    - craig is 5"6'
    - craig is a pisces
    - craig is irish, but moved to canada as a child and still has a slight accent)
    - craig is incredibly self-indulgent and pretty rude
    - craig is buck-toothed and very sensitive about it
    - craig often uses his brains for trouble and his talents include counting cards and hacking into government systems
    - craig is the sleepiest person you'll ever meet
    - craig went to school with shane and they dated for a brief period. he still remains friends with her (she often tries to get him to talk, but he is never up for it)
    - craig has a fling with cecil
    - craig studies computer programming at NSCC and has a secret talent for coding and hacking
    - craig is typically lethargic and uninterested and has a bad habit of forgetting things he doesn't care about
    - craig attends DBT group with tommy
    - craig's voice is slow, gravelly, hoarse and often slurred when he dissociates
    - craig hates when people are overly dependent on him and prefers to be left alone
    - craig hates feeling pressured and finds clingy people burdensome
    - craig is hard to anger, but when he does get angry he gets out of control
    - craig doesn't handle criticism well
    - craig doesn't have an official job, but webcam models when he feels like it (along with counting cards at local casinos)
    - craig is sexually indiscriminate and likes to experiment
    - craig likes using his docile appearance to manipulate people
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