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Sachiel Bain

Head Sculpt:
65cm old Super Gem
  • Face-up artist(s):
    Body blushing artist(s):
    Date of acquisition:
    August 30, 2016
    Purchased from BelovedA on Instagram.
    Reason for choice:
    One look at his sales post and I fell absolutely in love. He was owned and customized by an amazing BJD hobbyist, and the general aesthetic of the doll fit my character in a crazy perfect way. Funnily enough, I hadn't planned upon shelling this character at all, but Dia changed my mind almost right away...
    Best Points:
    He's stunning to my eyes, not much else to say there. Dia was always one of those sculpts I'd always dreamed of owning, and then suddenly here he is, with a faceup by one of my most favorite artists out there.
  • Eyes:
    12mm Glib 12mm Lavender Blue acrylic
    8-9" Monique Gold Jojo white blonde
    Favourite colours:
    Fashion style(s):
    Robes and sleepwear for the most part, a nod to his illness (read: deterioration of the soul) and mostly bedridden state.
    Key fashion accessory:
    A hair tie to keep those luscious locks in check.
    Outfit: Iplehouse nYID/SID Evelyn set
  • Name story:
    Sachiel - means "covering of God."
    Bain - possibly of Northern English origin, taken from a nickname meaning "bone" or a word meaning "welcoming"; possibly a variant of German "Behn", a diminutive of Latin "Benedict/Benedictus", "blessed."
    Character age:
    Appears late teens to early 20s, chronologically ~800 years old
    Character gender:
    Offsite roleplay:
    This doll's character is available for offsite roleplay.
    The second son of the god among gods, Remiel Bain. His father had high hopes for him in the future. To his brother, he was a beacon of hope, a lifeline, a reason to go on living. Sachiel's death ultimately triggered a series of events which ended the world, but if nothing else he should have been remembered for his kindness, and being taken too soon.
    Full name: Sachiel Zebul Bain
    Other names: Sacky (exclusively by his brother)
    Species: Godtype
    Status: Deceased
    Birthday: August 30
    Hair color: White blond
    Eye color: Blue
    Height: 5'9" / 175 cm
    Weight: 147 lbs / 67 kg
    Myers-Briggs: ISFJ
    Alignment: Lawful Good
    Orientation: Heterosexual
    Relationship status: Had feelings for Eden Harper
    Family members: Remiel and Iophiel Bain (adoptive parents), Samael Bain (adoptive brother), Hanael Bain (adoptive sister)
    – Observant, but looks for the best in others
    – Gentle, never holds grudges
    – Faithful and dependable, will offer help wherever he can
    – Strong sense of loyalty to his friends and family
    – Empathetic towards others and can commiserate easily
    – Suppresses his opinions, especially around his father
    – Often waits too long or overthinks before taking action
    – Gets frustrated with himself and the things he can’t control
    – Physically and emotionally delicate
    – Would rather act oblivious to avoid conflict or guilt
    Traits: Soft-spoken and soft-hearted, kind to a fault. Somewhat quick to cry, whether by joy or sorrow. Saw beauty in everything and valued the sanctity of life.
    Appearance: Sachiel had always been very physically frail, even compared to regular mortals, with a slight and willowy build, pallid complexion and even snowier hair, which he often kept tied in a ponytail. He was almost doll-like in terms of general demeanor, somewhat stiff when he sat, wan-faced but beautiful. Later in life, Sachiel’s body became marred by the scars and bruises caused by his father’s efforts to grow a singularity inside him.
    Likes: Sunny days, giving gifts, spending time with friends and family
    Dislikes: Winter, crowded places, people raising their voices, and the sight of blood
    Hobbies: Gardening and making flower crowns
    Sachiel, unlike most other gods, lacked a domain. He had no particular power to speak of, save for the most inherent Godtype attributes of agelessness and durability. Most of the time Sachiel never revealed his godhood at all, and instead dedicated himself to growing gardens around the world, places of peace for all to enjoy. It was during his first hundred years of existence that he encountered an older and vicious god in one of his gardens, apparently powerless also, but out for revenge against the gods that abused him. Most gods without a domain were persecuted as fakers, lesser beings, lower than even humans, sometimes even as demons masquerading as immortals, and the then nameless Sachiel understood that all too well.

    Despite his initial fear, Sachiel reached out to the other god and attempted to help ease his rage. He gave the god bouquets and flower crowns, and told him he was free to stay. The vengeful god, incredulous at first, came to trust Sachiel, and eventually the two gods traveled from place to place together, while Sachiel tried showing his companion the good in the world, and how to be kind, and how to forgive. Because of Sachiel's weak constitution, his new friend grew to be violently protective of him, but Sachiel insisted that he never kill again, especially not in his defense. They made a pact with each other as brothers.

    Another century down the road and the two gods met Remiel Bain, the god-king of a paradise called the Land of Ivory Bone. He held a great interest in the brothers, and he offered to make them his sons. Seeing such an ancient, wise and powerful god offering his protection, they had no reason to refuse. The headstrong older god was given the name Samael, and the gentle younger was named Sachiel. They didn't know at the time, but Remiel had the rest of their lives planned out for them. Without their knowledge, he turned them into living weapons, a tool for slaying the gods destined to end his world.

    Blinded by loyalty, Sachiel would have agreed to do anything for his father, and when Remiel requested his cooperation in the final procedure, the awakening, he immediately obliged. He failed to take into account the consequences of ripping open a singularity, a black hole for souls, inside his body, and what Remiel got was a half-baked, smashed-up product at best. When he wished to send an ailing Sachiel into battle regardless, Samael insisted on receiving his own singularity, and going in Sachiel's stead. The resulting weapon satisfied Remiel, and Samael went on to become the premiere god-killer, a terrifying being which could wipe entire souls from existence with a single scratch. Samael's only regret was that he had broken his promise to Sachiel, killing for his beloved brother's sake and his alone.

    As Samael could later attest, their story ended in tragedy. Sachiel got to mourn the abrupt suicide of their father, and later fell in love with the savior Remiel died to give them. And why the savior, another holder of a singularity, chose to murder Sachiel in cold blood, no one knew. Samael didn't know, and he didn't care to know. It wasn't what Sachiel would have wanted, but he killed her anyway. The world fell into ruin after Samael's own demise and there was no one left to remember the brothers, their father, or anything else on that godforsaken planet.

    Except, of course, for one Samson Aster, just the ghost of a god still able to picture his brother's smile like he saw it yesterday.
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