Angel Philia

Aug 8, 2018

    1. There's a fansite here that has pictures of all the different AP heads sorted by sculpt. I would also suggest going over to the more extensive VMF50/AP thread on Doll Dreaming and asking there.
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    2. How are people connecting the bodies to bjd heads?

    3. They have a plastic connector that fits in the neck hole.

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    4. I ordered Aoi version 2 and I am anxiously waiting for her. I am curious about the stuffing which will probably be bizarre but I’m ready for anything!
    5. Congratulations!
      The stuffing is not too bad. Just put some poly cotton fill in the abdomen, and other squishy places so they don’t loose shape. Theirs a nice video of someone doing that on YouTube.
    6. I’ll go and look! Thanks!
    7. Hello everyone!
      I'm thinking of ordering an Angelphilia through Octarine. But I have questions ;)
      First off I understand that when ordering extra parts you need to make sure they match the hips or torso. I'm looking at Kiara who comes with the ginormous H3 boobs. I want to scale that down a bit but not sure if I like any of the other H-line boobs. Will other lines fit onto the H-torso? If so which ones?

      And then the other thing. I only own resin dolls and do all of their face ups myself. Any tips on working on vinyl? I know that they come with a face up I just don't really like that style.

      I am so ready to push that buy button but want to make sure I exactly know what I'm getting into. :kitty2
    8. @AllyCat If you do choose to use another line, that's not H line (which would match your doll's torso and hips) then you will have to fold in the H torso and there will be a noticeable gap because the bust of the C lines and others are more narrow where the H are a bit wider. You can do it, it's just wonky. The company did it for a couple dolls before. Also, I'm assuming that the torso is a soft-skin. Usually, bust, torso and thighs are all from the same line. Faith-Z has a lot of dolls still listed after being sold out, so you can see many of the different combinations of parts together on previous dolls. If you are just looking for a bust that's more proportionate, check out H1 and H2. Otherwise, there are a few more options for the C line, but those parts fit together best with other mid-body C line parts. I hope that makes sense. If you have any specific questions, I can put them together for you and post a pic or two over the weekend. I have most of the C and H line parts.
    9. That's really helpful! Turns out Kiara (who I was looking at) is sold out on Octarine's site so I'll be going with Lena probably who has more regular boobs.
      I'm still a bit nervous about having to paint them. I had a bad experience with customising a barbie doll. I know it's very different but I can't help but think that it's much harder than working with resin die to it being softer.
    10. Hi. I'm new on here and new to Angel philia. I recently bought 2 of the newer releases through Mandarake and I CAN NOT take their neck pieces out of the frame. I used the hair dryer and nothing. Can anyone recommend anything? Are the newer releases different?? Thank you!
    11. There are no new neck pieces. It should just pull out since its attached to the head. I'm not sure why it would get stuck unless its damaged, or warped. Here is a video showing how the neck piece goes in a head. . This is a video showing someone taking an Angle philia head off to stuff the body . Hopefully one of the videos can help you with your neck problem.
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    12. Hi! :-)

      Thank you so much! Yeah, i had actually watched the same videos prior to see if i was doing something wrong. See how on the first video (the parabox one) the neck piece slides right off. Mine is stuuuuuck on both my dolls. I tried the hair dryer and even boiling water. I thought maybe because they are very recent dolls, maybe there were some changes done to the obitsu frame that i wasnt aware off. I guess im just gonna have to replace the whole chest/neck piece. Which is a bummer since they are new dolls. The worst part is after i placed the head back on one of them, her neck doesnt want to retain position. She bounces back straight. Ugh! I still love them. I guess this was just my luck.
      Thank you!!!!

    13. Has anyone put magnets into their Angel Philia's feet? If so, what size and how was it done?
    14. I don't know if you're the same person who asked about APs and magnets on DollDreaming, but I posted a message addressing that on that forum last week. Here's the link.
      VMF50 & Angel Philia Discussion Thread (nsfw, doll nudity)

      Were you able to resolve you neck piece issues?
    15. Where do people buy the blank angelphilia heads?. I been looking but all I find are the bodies and full dolls. Thank you for the help.
    16. @K-2! Oh, I bought my flat feet a la carte, from a seller on Yahoo Japan, so they didn't have the metal piece. Thanks for the link. I'll look at that size from the magnet shop and probably tape them into place with painter's tape.

      @MrFjmg2003 Blank heads are sold directly from Tommy in Japan, as far as I know. They are released few and far between. It's the hardest part to find on the secondary market. I suspect they are most often offered at the special Private Room events held for collectors in Japan, as Yahoo Japan auctions usually have a few listings after events take place. I've bought them 4 different times, because I check Japanese auctions very regularly, and buy them whenever I see them available. It can be done, if you are very vigilant to check. It's sort of part of my regular online routine to look for them. It's nice to have an alt head that doesn't look so.... adulty. Very, very rarely, you can find them in some of the FaceBook groups. Sometimes these are heads that have been wiped as the collector bought a whole doll to use as a hybrid and wiped the head, even more rare one is able to find a 'fresh' blank one. The 'fresh' blank ones will always come with a neck connector in a clear plastic bag with a plain white sticker that states the part number in Japanese and English. I say this because some techniques to wipe factory faceups will later, with time, show chemical damage to the plastic. The best way to find one is to do a split, but it will not be blank. The Obitsu and Parabox 45-50cm doll heads also are available blank more often in greater numbers and match the white color fine. Ellie is an Obitsu 50-4 head, and Tommy has used this sculpt for a few releases in recent years. There are possibly other outlets to find them, but I'm unaware. I hope you find my experience helpful.
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    17. Weird that those flat feet didn't have magnets in them. Anyway, I'd not use the blue painters' tape. As a painter who uses it frequently, it is not very high tack and it can have rather short useful lifespan before it dries out. Unless you are planning on stuffing the feet full of the tape, I 'd recommend the Blue Tac or similar eye putty material.
    18. Okay, thanks for the tip, @K-2! I know I would never have gotten this far without you! Hopefully sooner than later I can make a little photo shoot set-up and finally share some nice photos of her. I've not seen a good photo set of all the parts I have for her, so it's a little project I'd love to do for others to use for reference.