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Buying Clothes Made For A Different Doll Than You Have?

Nov 1, 2017

    1. I have two Fashion Dollshe dolls, and they're very hard to find clothes made exactly for their specific bodies. I've seen a lot of cool stuff on Etsy, but it's made for other MSD dolls.

      Do you ever buy clothes you aren't sure will fit? Or is it better not to take the risk? I always check the measurements of the dolls the clothes are made for and compare them to my doll's measurements, but sometimes I'm nervous things won't fit.

      Do clothes made for other (but similar) dolls "turn you off" even if you really like them? I'm just curious on everyone's thoughts, and if you've had any good/bad experiences buying clothes like this.

    2. I usually ask about the clothes measurement if I am not sure. I don't want to risk it by buying it and finding out that it wont fit :/

      I have a 80cm doll from IOS and they are pretty hard to find good clothes for him due to his very long legs.. and etc etc. I like to find shops that makes good quality clothes in addition of taking custom size orders as well. I recently ordered a custom fit kimono for my big boy XD

      I know that freedom teller takes custom size too but at the moment they are very busy with regular orders so they are not taking custom size orders (at least, thats what I got for a reply).
    3. I check measurements and, when applicable, reviews or DoA threads to try and make sure everything will fit. I have bought clothes for a specific doll that I know won't fit because the only thing off (hopefully - I'm still waiting on the doll to arrive) is the length of the pants and hemming shouldn't be difficult. (Or if it is, there's always the shove the excess fabric in the boot trick lol.) It's definitely possible to find clothes made for doll A that will fit doll B, you just have to check measurements like crazy. If there's a specific shop you're eyeing, you can sometimes search or ask here and you'll be able to find some handy information too.
    4. @SHINn @shinibun Thanks for the input!

      If something is bigger in, say, the chest or the calves or somewhere not easily hemmed like sleeves or pant legs, do you still go for it? How much of a difference is 'acceptable' to you?
    5. @HeyJude Hmm... It depends on the clothing, honestly. I'll go for t-shirts or drawstring pants that are a few cm off all day long (so long as they're bigger - I never go smaller), but I get finicky when it comes to dress shirts or anything that's suppose to be super fitted. Which is why none of the oddly shaped dolls I have/am waiting on have suits or anything of the sort unless they're specifically tailored for them lol.

      All of my advice though has been geared towards 70cm-ish dolls though. I probably should look into "what weird MSD things might fit dollshe fashion" myself since I own MSDs and have a small army of dollshe fashion guys coming to me... well, whenever dollshe sends them out (next year?). :doh
    6. @shinibun That makes sense! Stretchy fabric and things that are supposed to look baggy seem okay to go with, I agree.

      There's actually a thread for what fits Dollshe guys:

      What Fits the Male Dollshe Fashion Pose 44cm

      It's just hard to find things for both the boys and girls because they're a lot less stylized than a lot of MSDs. However, I don't want them to be naked forever, so I might just have to bite the bullet and order some things that might not fit perfectly...
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    7. @HeyJude Ah, there's the kind of thread I need. Thank you! :love If you're looking to clothe the girls, that could definitely be tricky... Are they brought up at all in that thread? Otherwise there's always SartoriaJ on etsy for a small selection.
    8. @shinibun You're welcome! That thread is for the boys, and I don't think there's one for the girls. I've seen SartoriaJ on etsy but I'm looking for things that are a bit more...shiny :)
    9. @HeyJude There are a couple of posts in that thread discussing the girls, but they mostly seem to be about shoes. And I see! :) I hope you find what you're looking for. As far as the original topic goes, you could try a shirt or skirt on the cheaper side just to check the fit. I think most MSD, even the "slim MSD", clothes are going to be far too baggy on the dollshe ladies though, unfortunately. Might have better luck checking out some of the larger off topic fashion doll brands?
    10. @shinibun I've been looking at some of the off-topic fashion brands, but those look pretty hit-and-miss, too. I might have to go with either custom-made or start making my own. Thanks for your help!
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    11. Have you looked at the outfits from the Tonner dolls around their height? I know some of those will fit slimmer minis (I have one of the Elizabeth Swann outfits on my Forever Virginia doll at the moment, and have used it with a MiniFee in the past. The shoes don't work at all, but the rest of the outfit fits quite well-)
    12. I take risks. I have 17 dolls, so chances are if it doesn't work for one, it may fit another, and if it still won't fit any f mine, it might fit a friend's doll. As a last resort, listing it for sale or trade is always an option too. I'm more careful about clothing because my dolls do have different styles, but I often buy shoes I think are cute, even if I'm unsure if they'll fit. I try to check measurements, but even then, there's no guarantee it'll fit any doll that isn't specifically listed. Even with the same exact measurements, shape can be very different--the same bust size can be a wide chest and small breasts, or a very thin torso with large breasts, for example. I feel like any time you buy something not specifically for your doll, it's a risk, but with so many amazing clothing options out there, it's a risk worth taking. My only exception would be on something that's very expensive. I wouldn't want to take a risk on, say, a $200 outfit. Not a big deal on a $12 t-shirt.
    13. I can't help with DollShe fashion dolls specifically, but I have a Souldoll Vito boy and I can share my experience so far... hopefully that'll still help you a bit! ^___^

      Vito boys are another rather odd size (their height is similar to that of an MSD, but their measurements are closer to those of an SD doll), there ain't a whole lot of clothes made specifically for them, I suck at sewing and I'm also extremely paranoid when it comes to online shopping (e.g. if the website has no secure connection, I won't buy anything from it, which sadly includes places like Alice's Collections), so my choices in clothing are... pretty limited, to say the least. I got most of my clothes from Angelesque and a bunch of stuff from Etsy, but so far, save for one shirt, none of the clothes I got where actually meant to be for a Vito boy XD

      What I usually do is check the measurements and compare them to those of my doll (often multiple times). If the item is 2-3 cm bigger than the size of a doll, I don't consider it as much of an issue. Also, since my boy is usually wearing boots, I have no problems getting pants that are as much as 6 cm longer than his actual legs (like the jeans he has in the picture below). Most of the clothes my boy usually wears are meant for much bigger dolls (e.g. the shirts he's wearing are meant for SD17 dolls). They *are* kinda loose, but personally, it doesn't bother me that much:


      Should be pointed out, though, that not all clothes from the same company/seller fit the same, not even if they're meant to be for the same size. Some examples? The pants my Aaron is wearing in the picture are by Nine9 Style and are meant for an SD13 doll. Although the legs are quite longer than the doll's, the pants fit pretty well. However, the SD13 tank top I got for him, also by Nine9, doesn't fit him at all. Judging from the measurements I found online for SD13 dolls, the tank top was supposed to fit perfectly... instead, I couldn't even get it to go past his shoulders .___.

      Another example: these two pieces of clothing for SD17 dolls I got from ttyacom on Etsy (an amazing store full of pretty things for very affordable prices <3).


      As you can see, the blue shirt fits pretty well: the sleeves are a liiiittle long (nowhere near as long as the sleeves of his plaid shirt, however), but the shoulders fit perfectly and overall it looks pretty good on him.
      The cardigan, however...


      ...Yeah. XD
      Now, I feel like I should point out that these two ttyacom items were bought with entirely different doll in mind and I wasn't expecting them to fit Aaron at all, but still... as you can see, the difference is pretty huge. So yup, picking clothes that are meant for different dolls is possible. But even if you're buying multiple items from the same seller, it's probably a good idea to check the measurements of the specific item whenever possible, rather than assuming that clothing pieces that are meant for a certain size will always work.
    14. @Astraea Nevermore Oh, wow! Thanks for sharing those pictures! That actually makes me feel a bit less paranoid about ordering stuff. If something doesn't fit right, I can always sell it.

      (Which is what I justify every BJD purchase with... *eyes growing collection of not-sold stuff*)
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    15. Glad I could help! ^___^

      (And loool, yep, I do the same, too XD)