Cerisedolls Mini Discussion part 3

Feb 5, 2016

    1. Omg yay!! She’s going to be amazing as your caracal gal! Can’t wait to see her all done up, congrats :D
    2. Thanks so much ^^
      I could not find any 8mm cat eyes (so tiny!) for her in the right color so I ordered some diy ones which her large version had too xD
    3. My secondhand Ombre arrived today and I have been a whirl of activity - took her apart, cleaned everything, bought a new S-hook and elastic, wiped her face, and am now sueding her joints c:

      Here is a nice pic I took of her freshly cleaned face:

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    4. Hi!

      I've just been lucky enjoy to become the owner of a Chibbi Lana. I'm intending to make clothes for her eventually, but I'd like to buy a few things in the meantime before i get good enough at sewing to do her justice!

      Does anyone have any specific clothing recommendations such as Etsy stores? I've seen that the general advice is Blythe clothes but they seem a little baggy. Any advice is much appreciated!

      Apologies if I've posted in the wrong place/it's been asked before. I'm new!

      Thank you!
    5. @Sniffy54 Hi, welcome to DoA!! Here's a general Lillycat bjd thread (for Minis), and users there may be able to make better suggestions. I unfortunately have no clue what will fit, as I plan to make clothes for my own Lillycat (an Ombre though, not a Chibbi Lana, sorry).

      Congrats on owning one! I love all of Lillycat's sculpts :3
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    6. Hello! Is this the right thread for advice on Chibbi Lana, or is there another thread?
    7. Thanks for the advice! I'll check that thread out.

      They're gorgeous sculpts aren't they? I already want another!
    8. I agree, they don't look at all like the same doll but they are both stunning and beautiful! I love the ears!!! Do you have any issues with wigs fitting properly?
    9. I am pretty sure this is the correct thread for the Lana :) she's a mini right? This one is for the cerise dolls minis. I would JUST LOVE to see your little Lana :) :)
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    10. Yes, this is the correct thread.
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    11. Azone Pureneemo dresses, tops and skirts fit Chibbi Lana. Mine has shoes that were originally made for Atelier Momoni Momonita, they fit snugly but work thanks to the leather being a bit stretchy.
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    12. Thanks! I've had a look around and found lots on Etsy for that size.
    13. That's ok! I'm happy to be directed to the right place. Thank you :)
    14. Thank you. I will be posting some of her, once the poor thing has clothes!
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    15. Thanks!
      And yeah actually, but not because of the ears. The backs of the heads of the older Lillycat dolls are very shallow and egglike, so round wigs tend to not stay on well.
      Wigcaps can help a bit though. And the newer releases have rounder heads so wigs fit easier ^^
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    16. I actually do have a little bit of a fit problem with my Ombre's ears, but the wig I got is otherwise the right size. Anyone modified a wig for her (or similar ears) before? It's a sewn one with cloth for the cap underneath... I'm thinking I could carefully stitch a line around the ears so I could safely cut out a bit to leave room for them?
    17. Back in the day I had a Resinsoul Ju (with ears really far back) and I resorted to just cutting earholes in the mesh lol. I wouldn't advise doing that now though haha. I think your idea might work well, depending on how the wefts are placed.
      The main issue it doesn't fit well will be because the back of her head is so flat. Maybe you can try stuffing the wig? That way it doesn't want to creep forwards so much.
      Or maybe a wigcap with stuffing underneath? Not sure if that would work but might be worth a try.
    18. I really like your idea for the older heads that don't hold wigs well, if I'm lucking enough to obtain an Ombre someday, I will likely either have a wig made specifically for her head, or do this idea!