Do you collect other items besides dolls in this hobby?

Jun 18, 2018

    1. I feel like I am starting to be an eye collector too. It's somehow grown and got a bit out of hand. Other than that I also collect fountain pens.
    2. Stickers, stuffed animals and plushies, cute stationary supplies and little figurines.
    3. With all the eye collectors out there, I wonder how they're best displayed? Maybe a shadowbox, like those with butterfly specimens?
    4. I love collecting Japanese Rements for filling out little scenes! They're usually a bit too small for most dolls, but sometimes they work well for 1/6 scale and almost always work for 1/12
    5. Ohh yes! i collect sewing machines cant just have one! or maby they multiply them self? and then there is all my coloring pens, thousends of them.
    6. Anime stuffs is what I mostly collect! Oh and art supplies too ^^
    7. Besides dolls I collect japanese plushies and My little pony-toys (the older ones) :dance
      And rements and miniature-stuff, especially miniature foods :love
    8. I should introduce you to my mom... She collects antique sewing machines. XD
    9. My dream is to collect a rainbow of Dollheart Fers. This is made difficult by the fact that I want the full outfits, and there are likely multiple other people who are also collecting them
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    10. I enjoy collecting props for my dolls, especially my 1/8 size crew. A lot of Barbie and Monster High furniture work great with them. Just the other day, I scored a small Barbie campfire that lights up at a yard sale. Going to be some cute pictures with that!
    11. Eyeeeesss they are all so pretty and often times will buy them second hand or on sale. :D Especially the sparkly ones I am like a crow I got to have it for my hoarde. ;A;
    12. Yes, Re-ment and other Prop sets like Calico Critters/Sylvania families.
    13. I like collecting props. I've always had a thing for miniatures and doll props just further enable that. I also collect fabric remnants and ribbon.
    14. Accessories, I love doll size accessories especially if they look like real things. I have dozens of items for my dolls from stuffed animals to cellphones.

      I’m also crazy about re-mention items.. I have hundreds of them in my collection.
    15. i find myself obsessed with fabric... most i got for free, since my mom is a well known seamstress, so we have bundles of scraps lying around. i would stash away any fabric that catches my eye, especially the cottony ones. funny thing is i don't really sew that much, i just like to pile up the fabric. xDD
    16. I like cute stationary supplies too:) I like to gift them more than I collect though. I have a small collection of Rubik's cubes and lots of various pens.
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    17. I've found that I rather enjoy collecting face-ups. I have several by some of the more "famous" face-up artists within the community - all collected by buying the doll second hand.
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    18. Miniatures (like rement, worlds smallest etc). Eyes, I like having a variety of colors and sizes.
    19. I like props! Little doll scale and full scale ones. Although I use the term prop very liberally as I also include costumes and other memorabilia.
    20. As for something specific (other than just eyes/wigs/clothes in general), I collect the Volks x Baby, the Stars Shine Bright collaboration outfits.

      I'm surprised at the number of Re-Ment collectors!
      I used to collect Re-Ment until a couple years ago. They're so neat. Here was my collection at about it's largest. I think I was only adding a couple sets from one of the sweets series and some other Calico Critters and Mi-World minis after this. It's all gone now though.
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