Do you collect other items besides dolls in this hobby?

Jun 18, 2018

    1. Hmm...let me think. While I would not call it collecting, I like to have nice leather outfits for my dolls. Right, I do not have really that many. Just the legendary black biker outfit from Iplehouse for Tony, and recently I acquired one of Darkling's lovely leather pants for Raphael. Oh, and Loki also owns a nice pair of studded leather pants. So it is still easily countable.

      And as I make them myself, we have a good selection of sometimes odd shoes and boots. And I have tons of yarn wigs by now. 4 different fiery styles for old Raph alone. And short hair cuts for some of the other guys. A lot.

      Bigger problem for me are the props. Everything which I think might work in 1:2.5 (which the 70 cm guys really are), I think how I could integrate into my future dioramas or which one of my dolls might need it (well "need" maybe a bit much.). So right now, I have two large plastic tubs of stuff. And some cabinets. And some sofas (hey, they need something to sit on in a chimney room?).
    2. I also collect brass instruments model for my doll!
      I usually go hunt them in music instrument store, the ones that they normally have on showcase.
    3. I collect white shoes. I know this sounds wired. I just can't stop buying white shoes although I already have more than enough.
    4. I collect props, especially dishes and mini vases.
    5. I actively collect Japanese “art doll” photobooks from the ‘90s onward.. I have books by Ryo Yoshida, Amano Katan, Suzuyo Suzuki, Koitsukihime, Kira Ohno, Yoshiko Hori, Mari Shimizu... and more recent releases by Hizuki Doll and Noriko Fukunaga as well. Koitsukihime is my favorite though. I’m into the typical traditional look with occasional dark elements, but if anyone wants straight up macabre recommendations, they might enjoy Etsuko Miura or Tari Nakagawa.

      I do kind of have a “grail” photobook that I’ll probably never find/own, whereas the actual BJDs I want are all pretty easy to find :lol:

      I would love to see your whole collection if you have photos! BtSSB is my favorite brand and at one point made up the majority of my lolita wardrobe. I still really want the Veronica Elisse Volks release even though I sold my human sized one. I can’t believe Volks does such an amazing job on the tiny details of those dresses.
    6. I collect everything and anything I find interest in. Clocks. Pokemon stuff. Antiques. All types of dolls. Mugs. Fabrics. Clothes. Art. Vintage MLPs. Sanrio products. Rlilakuma products. Stuffed animals. Dead bugs. Purses. Cameos. Cat stuff. Phantom of the opera merch. Themed playing cards. And more.
    7. Probably shoes. I'm planning on changing up my collection to only have 30cm and smaller, but I'm super tempted to keep my msd sized shoes. I've also had to talk myself out of buying various SD16 heels multiple times. They're just so pretty and I want them all.
    8. I've been meaning to take a pic for a long time. You prompted me to finally do so :kitty2
      [​IMG]Volks x BtSSB by Flitter337, on Flickr
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    9. That picture is so full of HAPPINESS :D
      Thank you so much for showing me!!!
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    10. You're welcome :)
      I'd absolutely die if they made something in mint color sometime. They seem to be doing a lot of navy lately. That might be cool too. I hope they continue the collabs.
      Here is a bonus bjd-size Usakumya (+Sophie-chan) pic I took a while back.
      [​IMG]BtSSB plush by Flitter337, on Flickr
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    11. I’ve scaled my collection down to one SD sized doll. She’s my absolute favorite so I now only collect items for her. If I even look at another doll, it feels like cheating. Plus, if I were to get another one, my attention and funds would be divided. I don’t think I could ever do that to her!! :sweat
    12. I collect eyes. By the dozens...and dozens. Omgosh, I have so many eyes, it's ridiculous. D:
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    13. i collect enamel/lapel pins and post cards!! i wish i had more penpals so i could fill my peg board of pins!!!! working on it though :XD:
    14. I like to collect small figurines and just small things:lol: for example, I have figurines I've made from mini lego pieces like a bear, truck, and pokemon. I collect sonny angel figurines. I also have a pencil shaver in a shape of a firetruck which is also displayed along with everything else. Tiny tiny bears, coke bottles, and cars... I would sometimes use these mini items as props when photographing my bjds.
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    15. i loooove sonny angels!!!! i’m glad i’m not alone on that one lol!
    16. I absolutely love to collect pretty girly princess like dresses , they are my weakness I may not even have any one to wear them but if their cute I can’t help it lol and shoes I like shoes too haha but I don’t like to buy them for myself but love shopping for my dolls and daughters .
    17. Fabric, so much fabric to make doll outfits. I have a tower of boxes full of material. I also enjoy making/collecting food and school supplies.
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    18. I don't have other collections. I have a sport as my hobby.
    19. I collect Funko pops as well as yo sd furniture. I love finding things for my dolls.
    20. I'm building up a nice collection of doll jewelry; it definitely is my favorite thing to collect. I've got an excuse for it because several of my characters are the type to wear lots of bling, and I just can't help it when there's so much well-made but inexpensive jewelry to find on Taobao especially.
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