How do you decide on your dolls Zodiac Starsign --- dob?

Sep 27, 2016

    1. I would love to hear what other people's views are concerning this subject, how do you choose your dolls Starsign and or birthdate?
      Is it the date you place your order? Or the date you pay in full ?
      Could it be the date you receive the shipping notice? Or is it the day you open your box?
      Alternatively, is it something completely different to these?
      I did try search for a thread to answer this, but couldn't find one. If there is one I apologise for the duplication.
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    2. I give my dolls a birthday totally independent from the day they came home or something like that.
      I choose the date based in the character, in his personality and other things, or even randomly if there isn't a certain date that is significant for them.
      In general I prefer not to keep their coming or something like that because I always order dolls in the same period of the year so they would have similar birthday dates if I would do that.
    3. I had the same problem. For my girl, I decided just to use the birthday the company gave me. My boy is third hand and I don't know when he was gotten, so I'll just use the day I complete him. If I used the day I got him their birthdays would be too close for me.
    4. to me, birthdays are for characters! my dolls' characters have birthdays that i've picked for their story, personality, etc. i like to call the day a doll comes home a dollyversary ^-^ although since all of my boys have been hybrids so far, their dollyversaries are the days that they're completed.
      for example, nicky's birthday is august 18th because i know for sure he's a leo and i wanted him to be born in the summer. his dollyversay is april 16th because that's when he was completed ^__^
    5. I chose mine for the character, not the doll. Many of my characters exist before the doll, and often they get reshelled or are hybrids, so an order or shipping date wouldn't even work for them anyway.

      I usually go with what zodiac sign fits, or what season I want them to be born in, but I do have a pattern now (that didn't apply to some of my older characters). The birthdate has to be on the 3rd, 6th, 13th or 26th of the month. Only Eirnin, Parker and Derby break this rule. Parker got his because of Justin Timberlake, Eirnin's is the same as Harry Styles, and Derby kept her birthdate from her CoA because she had been sitting in stock at MoC for years and they were so happy to move her that they included a free head. After that, it felt wrong to change her date since she waited so long to find a home!
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    6. I choose my doll's birthdays by their arrival date. Since I know, what their personality is like, I choose the perfect zodiac sign. According to that, I calculate the best period to order exactly that doll. Most of the time it works, but the wait times kill me xD
      Some of my dolls don't have a complete character, but based by their arrival date, it helps me find out who they are. There is also one doll that arrived too early. Since it was a limited, I couldn't wait to order it any longer and chose the first date starting from the desired zodiac sign. Which was a month after the arrival date.
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    7. For a new doll, I do date order is placed unless the company specifies otherwise. I don't do PIF because some companies will cast before that, and the doll could be sitting around for months already in existence waiting on your payments. Likewise, I don't do date of arrival, because I figure an orphan isn't born the day they're adopted, but for some people I suppose it's close enough.

      For a secondhand doll, I would just use the oldest date reliably associated with the doll.
    8. if you are really into astrology past just the sun sign look up and create a real chart for your doll! it would be fun and kinda cool
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    9. The birth date of my dolls is normally the day they are complete. For example if I send my doll off to get his or her face up done, the day that she comes back home to me is going to be her birthday. That's if she already has her eyes and wig ready for her arrival.
    10. My doll's birthday's is the day I open their box when they arrive to my house.
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    11. Depends for me. With my Makies dolls I chose the day they arrived at my door unless I had their actual creation date (the day they were printed) which was their "birthday" quite literally. But most of the time with other dolls like bjds I go by character. If I already have a character in mind, i'll pick a starsign that's fitting to their personality or i'll roll a dice lol. I do the same with my rp characters, I usually either roll a few dice (a d12 for month and then a day dice) or I pick a really random day out of thin air with the assumption that if it's instinctive, it's probably "right" haha.
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    12. My dolls don't have specified birth-dates, let alone star signs. Because the characters are pretty much staying the same age, they aren't subject to time passing in that way. Certainly not aging on a human time-scale. For example, Alphie, my first BJD, has been ten years old for eleven years now.

    13. For me it's about character rather than the physical doll itself-- if it's a doll whose character doesn't have a birthday for whatever reason, then it doesn't matter to me so much, though... but I'm bad at remembering dates, so I definitely don't go by their arrival dates, or I'd never remember anything-- I'd have to actually assign a meaningful date or have it be written down somewhere with character notes.
    14. I typically will say the dolls birthday is the day the arrive at my home, and the character is a bit more complex.
      Depending on the character I'll either pick a favorite month/day and then choose the year of their desired age.
      Sometimes if they are to have special similarities to a real person I'll give them that person's birthday. Like my grandpa for example, I named a doll after him and gave her his birth month and day.
      Other times I do research on what zodiac signs can fit the personality I want for a character and try to pick something with in a chosen sign.
    15. i feel like the day i unbox the doll will be their birthday (same for secondhand dolls so that the birthday is unique to me), though usually when i write characters i base their zodiac off of their personality....and im quite pedantic about those small details about my characters, so we will see how that goes |- D
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    16. At the moment I'm using the day he got to my house as his DoB and I find his 'personality' I gave him kind of fits that but also doesn't so maybe one day I'll completely change his character and decide a DoB for him!
      Same goes for my girl.
    17. I think I would probably look at the characteristics of each zodiac sign and then find one that I felt fit with the direction and backstory I would give my doll. As for a birthdate, I would probably want to track it by the day they arrived however that limits the scope of what you can do with them zodiac wise.
    18. At first I thought it would be their arrival date. But after I decided more on their character, I first used the Myers Briggs personality test thing and based her starsign which matched the best with the personality type. But to be honest I still haven't decided on her actual Birthday.
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    19. With Lue, and my other Volks dolls I use their creation date off of their head plate to get the month, and the year, in order to figure out both their Chinese Zodiac animal and their Star Sign. Lue ended up being a monkey, which irked him no end, lol. He wanted so badly to be a dragon! XD

      His Star Sign is Scorpio, which is kind of funny, as several very special and important human people in my life were/are also Scorpios. ^_^

      Since the head plate only gives the month and the year, I just pick whatever day's date feels right, for example: Lue was "born" in October, and because he's a demon, I chose the 31, Samhain. ^_~
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