How Old Are You (continued)

Mar 16, 2015

    1. Ellana is stunningly beautiful :love!
    2. 36, and I'm new to the hobby. Just ordered my first one.
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    3. I'm currently 24 yo and waiting for my first bjd :)

      I've wanted one since high school but it wasn't a strong desire as I was too busy studying all the time to think about this too often :D

      What seems amazing about this hobby is that although I think that breaks are totally normal, I can see myself picking it up again even when I'm in my 60s :D
    4. I'm 45 this year but have only been in the doll hobby for maybe 3 years now. I started with Blythes and customising Monster Highs but I think BJDs are my favourite. People already know I'm a bit of an outlier, but I think once they see the dolls they get how cool they are and any creepy doll narratives they may have been imagining are re-framed! ...Or maybe they're just being polite... but hey - who cares, right!
    5. I am 24 and got my first bjd in December. I have always liked dolls since I was a little girl and own/have owned plenty of off-topic dolls (pullips, american girl, bratz dolls) before I found bjds.
    6. I'm 20 and i don't know why I need 5 dolls :doh
    7. 20 and i found bjds when I was 15
    8. 30 I got my first doll a resinsoul Yaoi as a gift from my brother. Since then I have acquired a Luts Lolli and a Pukifee that is currently on its way!!
      I have a day job as a debt collector and by night I sew until I cant feel my fingertips.
      I lurk on here a lot during the day cus it keeps me from falling asleep
    9. I'm turning 32 in June. I'm interestend in Dolls and BJD since I was around 20 but it was just a little over two years now that I started customising Monster High Dolls. I finally got my first BJD for Christmas and I love her so much. :D I already ordered another one....I think I need to watch out because this seems to be a little addicting...:lol:
    10. I'm 39 and got my first doll last week, dollfie dream Snow Miku. I then bought a Smart Doll Ebony which I should have this week sometime. Been fun so far, now I'm looking at getting a dslr or a mirror less camera.
    11. I am 24 and had my first doll when I was 15 :)
    12. Now I'm 28 and got my first doll at 23. I paused this hobby around 2 years from 2015-2017 because of my study but now I return :D And...I'm going to sew more clothes for all my 15 dolls!!!
    13. Im 32 years and im in hobby around one years, was interesting in those dolls from childhood, but now i can afford it. im waiting my first doll just ordered few weeks ago :-) it will be impldoll was of future Aurora :-) i just in love with her :-) im working part time and study, and have daughter 11 years, so im little bit busy to make new stuffs but im trying to find some time for my hobby :-)
    14. Im 24 and got into the BJD hobby about right after I turned 21. I was into monster high dolls, and stumbled upon BJD dolls on youtube. Someone was doing faceups and I was immediately interested. I was doing monster high customs.
    15. 23 this June, and bought my first love last year. :XD:
    16. Im 27 and I've been collecting bjd since I was 17 :O)
    17. I'll be 27 at the end of the month :celebrate I've been into BJD for maybe 3 years? Started with Pullips, then Monster High dolls, now I'm here. I just sold my only doll though. Slowly saving to hopefully buy a new one.
    18. How old I feel depends on the time of day!:XD:
    19. I'm a couple of months shy of 27. I'm currently searching my first bjd. Price is still an issue for me, because on top of the doll price, I need to worry with the taxes - around 60% on top. So I'm being really careful to ter the deram Doll. I've been collection fashion dolls/other in the last two years.