New Feature Introducing Doll Profiles

Jan 18, 2016

    1. Wow, this feature is awesome (even though I should have seen this months ago)! Can't wait to make my dolls profiles! Even though i am having some trouble with my dolls characters, maybe this will help me!
      Thanks so much <3
    2. Thank you, the doll profile page was easy to use, even for a newbie.
    3. This idea is so good, thanks :abow:
    4. What's the policy on off-topic doll profiles? I've been noticing a few pop up here and there that seem like they might be off-topic. I'm not 100% sure on which dolls are and aren't acceptable though so maybe I'm wrong! Is anyone moderating the profiles like they do the forum posts?
    5. @RamenDoodles If you see a profile for an off-topic doll, please use the Report link at the bottom and a mod will check it. We've had to remove some off-topic doll profiles. If you're not sure whether a doll is on topic, you can check the criteria for inclusion and the off-topic dolls list.
    6. it's fun. I also will create a profile with all your dolls
    7. Hello! I really like dolls profile feature, thank you! Created some for my dolls too. But then I noticed that my doll's profile had a comment.
      But I can't find it anywhere =( So I wanted to ask, where I can read it? And how I can write comment myself?)
    8. @Reesha I've made it so that you can see the comment. Commenting is something we're beta testing, but we aren't moving forward with it right away because currently there is no option to let people choose whether or not they want to receive comments. Not everyone wants comments, so we're holding back on implementing that for now.
    9. Wow! Thank you!)
    10. Hi there! Is there a tag for "guu doll"? When I made a profile today for my Guu Doll Verona I received an error stating the company tag didn't exist... but I'm wondering if it's under some other variation I didn't try. :XD:

      Anyway, just wanted to ask/mention that here. (Apologies if I should've posted in the Ask the Mods section, instead.)

      Thanks for your time! :daisy
    11. Sorry for missing your question @PeppermintPocky – I've added a tag for guu doll.
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    12. Thank you so much! :daisy
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    13. Did the file size for profile pics just change or just get strictly enforced? Just now, a picture I uploaded this morning was suddenly too large when I actually made the photo smaller, and the photos I'm trying to upload are below 800 pixels but they still won't take even though previous ones have apparently been well over 200KB.
    14. @Saphariel I've raised the max photo size to 500kb; see if that helps.
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    15. Does aquisition date mean date of purchase or arrival?
    16. @Deewalrond It can be whatever is most useful to you. I think I'd use arrival, but if you want to use the purchase date, that's fine too.