Iplehouse Discussion (HID -male and female) part 2

Mar 6, 2018

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    1. @Pathy - She turned out fabulous! She seems very serene...and pretty too.
    2. @Pathy - you have created a real natural beauty there! Her freckles and nude lips work very well. Does she have a name?
    3. Very lovely, and quite a different personality to her original default faceup!
    4. No, not yet. She's a shy girl, I think. So I have to be patient before she tells her name ;-)
    5. @Pathy ---ah, the strong silent and beautiful type, eh? Hope she won't keep you waiting though.
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    6. @collectionkate Harace looks stunning too! Great hair...really suits her style and colouring.
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    7. @Pathy she looks amazing and I love the layers of life you give her
      It looks natural, and after trying to do a faceup myself, I am even more amazed at your patience and talent to do that
      Her and your Drake re faceup are my favorite :)

      @collectionkate Im always in love with your lady
      The hybrid is perfect and looks natural, like she was meant to be an HID lady all along, its so good!
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    8. Thank you !
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    9. In case anyone was wondering this SartorialJ outfit will fit on an Iplehouse HID body with medium bust.

      Like this...:XD:

      [​IMG]Karole by luluna33, on Flickr
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    10. Wow @luluna !! She’s gorgeous! And what a great photo!

      I’ve been working on a set for my Rowana (peach HID Rebecca) -
      here is part of it - the silk over-dress is up next to be sewn. I am still
      kicking myself for not getting a second Rebecca before she was discontinued...

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    11. @Robyn_in_WA - Thank you! On my goodness....that outfit you've made is just stunning. I adore it! Your Rebecca looks marvelous in it. I love the sleeves.
    12. @Robyn_in_WA - Your beautiful Rowana's outfit is exquisite - love all the lace and detailing. And a silk over-dress to come? How cool!

      @luluna - That crimson costume on your lovely lady is wonderful!
    13. @Robyn_in_WA- So perfect, the wig, the outfit, everything.
    14. Dropping by with some HID Lahela love:D. She is my only HID, love her. I have seriously considered have HID only however I like the size variety the others offer. EID is my least favorite, in posing.

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    15. I always thought HID was the updated EID. I have wished that they would update the joints on the EID to be similar to HID because I do like the plumpness of the EID, just not the ankles XD

      @LaurieESW She looks amazing, Lahela is one of those faces that looks beautiful in every skintone. I wonder what shes thinking about? She looks like you caught her in a moment in that photo <3

      @luluna that outfit looks amazing on the HID, I got in very very very late in the BJD hobby that almost nothing was left of the iplehouse glory days, but that outfit made up for it. It looks like it would fit in very nicely with the Carved Heritage line and I got really happy it was available, and without buying a doll to get it too! lol

      She looks amazing, that faceup, hair choice and clothes, I would have loved to live in the era when she reigned as queen XD

      This way, your Rebecca is a one of a kind, without having a second version of her XD
      I love your period dresses, Ive just seen one of your works on a Ron and it looks amazing

      The detailing in the lace sleeves and skirts is very impressive, Im eager to see it finished but as is, I can see it "complete" with a nice little corset to hide where the top meets the bottom :fangirl:
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    16. Hi everyone! Quick mod note; as a result of the poll in this thread, it seems like the majority of voters are interested in talking about Iple HIDs in the main Iple discussion thread.

      At this time we are not removing this thread, so people who are interested in only the HID size can continue to discuss them here, but now you can also discuss them in the larger group discussion thread too.
      Iplehouse Discussion ( YID, nYID, SID, EID, HID ) Part 10
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    17. love how Athena looks in the HID body. A warrior geared up to go.....



      She looks so real wow.


      I really like your Harace. She is lovely.


      She looks great in the mirror mirror outfit.


      Love the outfit. Luckily gal to have such a great couture.
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    18. WOW!! Athena looks amazing! I really like the HiD body. I need another.
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