Kaye Wiggs mini dolls discussion Part 3

Sep 12, 2015

    1. I could see it earlier and it was beautiful but not so much now. Oh well, it's still beautiful even if I can't see it!
    2. Thanks Jen! :) Its back on page 8, you just popped over to a new page. ;)
    3. Thanks, Connie. It's beautiful, truly.
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    4. HI everyone I'm hoping someone can help me with eye size for Gracie....specifically dome, doesn't anyone know if she can take/fit a high dome eye? I don't see the specs on her so I wasn't sure, thanks!
    5. [​IMG]
      @jenniekay Gracie takes a size 16mm. High Dome eyes are harder to position. I use low dome eyes on mine.
    6. Oh, MY! Those gorgeous eyes and their perfect placement make Gracie so heavenly beautiful!
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    7. So happy to have acquired this cutie (Missy) during Jpop's sale of extra dolls during the holidays.

      [​IMG]Missy by Laurie W, on Flickr
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    8. I love Missy! I got her in a private sale last year and so enjoy her. Yours is styled so beautifully and I hope you're going to have fun with her!