Luts Delf Discussion - thread 2

Jul 16, 2014

    1. Okay, I am debating about my next doll being from Luts (though it's going to be a while). I was looking at a Blanchet on a type 1 body. Does anyone have any recommendations to if this combo will work well? Or what kind of accessories will fit her? I know what I get to have her ready when she arrives may not be final, but I was mostly looking to see how sizes worked on her.
    2. OH so cool, I must research more @Mew-Lidia9 thanks! Yah @Snowy I thought that dress was a modern dress with a Chinese collar twist but wow, 300 years is amazing :D Anyways, I have some fabric that would be nice, a small print brocade. Just gotta make it :D
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    3. @Techy I only have Blanchet as an MSD, but I adore her mold. Crossing fingers you can get her :)

      @IngieBee Yeah, you learn something new everyday, no? :D Oooh teaser pic of the brocade? I am a sucker for pretty fabrics.

      @Mew-Lidia9 Thanks a lot! She really has a few gorgeous artworks and so many pretty clothing histories... Lovely. You truely found a gem there!
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    4. Thanks. Like I said it's going to be a while as I need to get my DollZone demon egg painted first and get some actual clothes for my DZ Yage, but for my story to really start I need the character I see for Blanchet.
    5. Does anyone have an Emma? She looks so cute on the site!
    6. Unfortunately, I only have an Isabella. And speaking of Isabella, I just love her :)

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    7. @IngieBee Awww... she has adorable freckles.
    8. I need to take more pictures of her, maybe today :D Thank you @Snowy
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    9. So - Delf hybrid questions: I have an ALM that I love her posing ability and the aesthetics of her body but not her sculpt so much and as I placed her next to my Delf Arwen, I realized that their skin tones were almost identical. 1. What other things do I need to take into consideration before searching out Delf Heads on the market? 2. Where is the best place to search for Delf heads? Are Delf Heads the same size as Senior Delf heads?

      My ALM doll is standing. My Delf Arwen is sitting on the left.
      [​IMG]IMG_3560 by Jane K, on Flickr
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    10. @Dollquest I think you only need to take shoulder width into consideration and neck circumference. The narrower the shoulders, the more oversized the head looks, but then these dolls are not proportionate to human bodies :) Height is not so important except it will tend to make a doll look more athletic and domineering next to others which is a character thing :D
    11. I think one of the things I don't like about the ALM head is that it seems small compared to the body. It is probably more accurate, in proportion, to real life, but seems small compared to the other dolls.
    12. Yah, I keep my "realistic" dolls together and my "anime" dolls together, as I like both kinds but they don't always mix well depending on if I see them as humans or other creatures :)

      Edit, I totally forgot where I was, and inserted an old cp/delf photo in, sorry about that :D
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    13. Hi all I want to get a Luts doll in lavender skin during this event but their website doesn’t have any information about the body measurements. Can anyone let me know which girl body is SD size? And which one poses the best among them? I’m thinking to get Jean. Thank you
    14. @Quinn.nnp do you want the delf girl body or the Muse one? Usually you find the body measurements under the 'option' parts, when you go to the bodies listing.
      Jean is cute. Are you planing anything particular with her as you eye the lavender skin?
    15. By SD I assume you mean closest to Volks SD10 size or SD13 size? If so your best bet is going to be going for either the Delf Girl Type 3 or Delf Girl Type 5. Type 5 is going to pose better but be a tiny bit larger than the type 3, but the type 3 is single jointed so won't pose as well. My type 5 girl doesn't fit in some SD13 size clothes. I don't have a type 3 but I have type 1 and 2 which are pretty much identical to type 3 and never have an issue fitting them into SD13 clothing.

      Senior Delf girl bodies will all be a slight bit larger but still technically in the SD range as well.

      You can find measurements for the delf girl type 5 body on the first image here: lutsdoll co.,ltd.

      And you can find measurements for the delf girl type 3 body here:
    16. @malvinas I’m thinking to get Senior Delf lovely body. I have no problem with big bodies (actually I prefer the body to be a bit thick). So the delf girl bodies are shorter than senior delf bodies? In the option menu for Jean they put type 1 - type 7. Does that mean those are only senior delf bodies?
    17. Yup! Senior delf is going to be taller than the normal delf. If you are in the senior delf menu page for Jean the type 1 through 7 would be just senior delf bodies, yes. You can get Jean with the regular delf girl bodies but you would need to do it through the My Choice option. If you are on the Jean page and not the my choice option then you are just seeing the senior delf body options. If you are looking for more detailed info about the senior delf body options the people in the Senior Delf discussion may be better equipped to help you. You can find that discussion thread here:
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    18. Are the heads for the delf and the senior delf the same size?