Magic Mirror May Discussion thread part 1

Jun 12, 2018

    1. I guess she does! The friend who sent me the yarn called the color Champagne. I've never seen champagne that color.

      Now all she needs is shoes that fit.
    2. That's a lovely dress! My poor May is still in need of clothes!
    3. @vermont chick , good luck on shoes. I have a friend who learned to make beautiful sandals for the “hard to find right shoe size” feet. :wiggle
    4. Thanks! I've been meaning to try some Barbie patterns. They might need some adjustment, though, because I have a feeling May is smaller.
      I've tried--and am still trying--to make sandals for her. It's just hard to do for feet this small.
    5. I forgot to post her here. This is Gaia with her beau, Jareth. I have no idea when I'm going to paint her or what to do for anything else for her. It's the same reason that Jareth doesn't have hair either XD

      [​IMG]2018-10-27 10.13.03 by Heather, on Flickr
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    6. Looking good, @LuckyXIII ! I think she's the first green May I've seen. It's such a nice delicate color. She'll tell you what she wants in the way of clothes, shoes, makeup and hair.

      This hobby has taught me to make all kinds of things. I never made a wig until I acquired some hard-to-fit dolls. I learned to crochet when I was a child, then abandoned it until, again, I bought some hard-to-fit dolls. Necessity is truly the mother of invention.:lol:
    7. I have a Saoirse head that I was going to hybrid but I am having some issues (mainly locating a body to fit her). Anyone have ideas?
    8. I have one of her sisters on order. I will try to check for compatible bodies when she arrives.