Update [Maskcatdoll] Anniversary Event starts today!

Nov 10, 2016

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      Hi dears! This is Maskcatdoll! ^__^

      Today our 3nd year Anniversary Event starts and it will held from November 10th until December 15th.

      During that time you can order our first 42cm girl Anemone in a Fullset, which is limited to 6 fullsets in total! (After the event you can order her without the fullset outfit shown in the photos.)

      Link to Anemone: Anemone


      For more detailed informations please read the previous news post: New Doll - [Maskcatdoll] New Doll Line & Event

      Due to the release of our first 42cm girl you also can purchase 7-8 inch wigs at our website now! ^^
      You have the choice between two different styles in four different colors.

      Here are two examples:



      Link to the wigs: Shop

      For more photos and informations, please visit our website MaskcatDoll

      If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us here on DoA! :kitty2

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