New Doll [Maskcatdoll] New Dolls and 6th Anniversary Event

Dec 3, 2019

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      Hi dears! This is Maskcatdoll.

      It's time to celebrate our 6th Anniversary starting from now till 01.01.2020.
      The new 26cm body has released now and is available on all of our 26cm line dolls. We hope you will have fun with it. ^_^ (The old body of 26cm line will not be available anymore!) Also two new dolls has released which will join our 6th Anniversary Event.

      During the Event time we will give you a free Nerine or Melodie head for any order which is over 500$ (USD).
      By ordering two 26cm line dolls at once you can get a 10% off discount and also a free Nerine or Melodie head if the order is over 500$.

      Important note:
      After the Event time (01.01.2020) Nerine and Melodie will be discontinued!
      So please take the chance to get one of them before they are gone.

      First new doll is Joy on the new 26cm body:




      For more pictures and informations please visit the official website: Joy
      New 26cm body: Body

      And the second new doll is Juni from the 57cm line, created by our second doll artist Blackbunny:



      For more pictures and informations please go to the official website: Juni

      You can order Juni in her limited Fullset too which includes:

      - Body and Head (with makeup)
      - Extra feet and hands
      - Outfit and Wig (like in the photos shown)

      If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us!

      Thanks so much for your love and we wish you have a wonderful 2020. :kitty2


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    2. I’m ordering 2 dolls to take advantage of
      The deal and want a face up for both, however it is only charging $30
      (For one) so I wouldent be over the $500 to get the free head, what should I do!