Multiple heads for one bjd OC?

Oct 30, 2019

    1. While trying out a technique to make a yarn wig recently for one of my bjds, a certain thought popped up in my mind regarding the OC I was making the wig for—hadn't I planned to have a few different sculpts for this one particular OC? In the case of this particularly shelled character, they happen to have the ability to shift their physical form, which would in turn give me a feasible excuse to have multiple heads specifically for this character. At this thought, I realized a head I'd been planning to sell would make a good alternative one for Azabien during those opportunities where a shape shift would be desirable.

      Which has now led me to want to ask this: do any of you have a bjd shelled as a certain character that happens to change faces? I'm not talking about having two of the same head for different dolls, or having different face options (like the ones companies like Dollshe and Unoa are known to offer for different facial expressions) of one specific sculpt. I'm talking entirely different heads, from separate companies—or different styles if they're from the same one.

      In my case (with my OC, Azabien), their default sculpt is a Little Rebel Kai. The other head I've currently decided will be one of Azabien's alts is an Immortality of Soul G. With the fact that the character is rather theatrical and chooses to adopt a different appearance when a situation calls for it, having different head sculpts was key for the development of their character (at least, to a feasible degree).

      So—what about you guys?
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    2. I don't think that's strange at all! That sounds pretty neat, actually. Even though the case of my primary doll Adhara isn't as extreme as yours, she does have two faces from two different companies (Fantasia Doll Vivian and Iplehouse Scarlet), depending on if she's in war mode or not. Then again, she may not actually count because of the facial similarities between Vivian and Scarlet, even though their faceup styles are vastly different from each other.

      Still, having multiple sculpts for one character could be fun! (Not to mention slightly better on the wallet, especially if you don't need another headless body.) Good luck with your project, should you decide to push through with it!
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    3. I've seen many people have different "versions" of the same character! Sometimes these have represented different ages in the character's life, and sometimes just a different style for fun. I've thought about getting alternatives for a few characters, but haven't come across sculpts for them yet. I've attempted this a few times but it has resulted in me liking one more than the other - and me selling one version as it became less interesting in comparison. My character Rose is probably the best example of that happening. She's been an Elfdoll Hazy, An Impldoll Alma and now a Fantasiadoll Vivian.
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    4. Oh I have that too, I have two softkittydoll heads that are different sculpts but I use for the same character. One is supposed to be the “awakened” version and the other sleeping so they have corresponding faceups in different colors. Recently I’ve been thinking of wiping the faceups though and instead dyeing the heads a nice dark tan and getting them different faceups to play more into their character.
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    5. I do not think this is odd at all, but then I have characters where I have two different dolls that are the same character.
      I have characters that shift gender, and at least two different characters that have superhero style transformations.
      One of my examples of this is the two dolls I have that are my favorite Marvel hero J2/Zane Yama I have him in his normal kinda scrawny human form which is Dollzone Grey, and then I have his massive Juggernaut hero form which is my Granado Titan Nico
      (Most people have never heard of J2 so feel free to google him, he is the son of the Juggernaut)
      So to me having a 2nd head for a shapeshifter seems really normal.
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    6. I have a werewolf character based off the WoD Werewolf: The Apocalypse. She's a Silent Strider, so I have an Ender head for her crinos form (when they're equally half human and wolf).
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    7. I think it's a really cool idea! I'd never considered that, exactly, but I definitely thought about having the same character at different ages...
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    8. I have the same character at different ages: daydream Ryan is Zero at 7, and Iplehouse Felix is Zero at 28.
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    9. I do this a lot.
      I have two Doll-Chateau Vincents and a Fairyland Rendia for my Oliver
      A Souloid Diget and a Dream Valley Glen (waiting on still) for Brynn
      For Luken, I have two Dollshe Bernards (with four heads between them) and a Doll-Chateau Stacy (waiting on)
      While not completely the same as different dolls, I do have two heads for Kishen, one of which has a very obvious mod. (I plan on a second doll for him too but it'd be the same sculpt)

      I have several variants on my characters and sometimes other dolls fit the other variants better, if I've attached enough to the variant, ofc I'd want to have one for that too
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    10. I did this by accident. I had my character shelled as a Dollzone Raymond, but then I decided to re-shell him into a Nabarro Har. I love the new Har version, buuuut...I still really like the Raymond? So the first shell is still around. And now that there are two...I keep thinking about an incoming doll I have...and how I could make it into a third version of this character...whoops.
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    11. Maybe not exactly what you're asking, since it would be the same sculpt, but if cost weren't a factor, I'd love to have multiple heads of Dollshe Amanda Beauty for my character Sixx, but with drastically different faceups. Sixx is gender fluid and inspired by Marilyn Manson and Lady Gaga, so I'd love to have at least three heads, one masculine, one feminine and one with a basic faceup with no makeup at all (which would be interesting, because while Sixx is supposed to be beautiful in full makeup, they're actually meant to be fairly unattractive without it!)
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    12. I like your idea very much!

      Well, I will end up having multiple different head sculpts for my Thranduil because I just can't decide which head would be better. He's still headless and I feel bad about it, so I'm going to buy all the heads I'm choosing from. Seems I will get 3, all from different companies, so far. Than I'll see which works the best or I'll keep on switching them for fun. May be, I'll find even better one in future. I decided to stop stresing about choosing the right head TM. It's a hobby, after all. I'm just bit worried about resin matching.
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    13. That sounds really cool! I’ve considered having different versions such as a sleepy sculpt and it wouldn’t have to be by the same company. I would just try to get a sculpt where the key features are similar. Having a very different sculpt could be used to show more emotion, maturity, or transformation though to create a really interesting character.
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