Raccoon Doll Discussion - Part 6

Jan 15, 2021

    1. Milk mocha is a lovely shade. It's fairly close to Souldoll's sandy brown resin. Here is my milk mocha Daisy and my sweet mocha Branden for comparison.

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      Raccon Doll website: [www.raccoondoll.com] - 라쿤돌
      DoA Wiki: Raccon Doll
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    2. Gorgeous together! I love her little summery top!
    3. My Elf Erika is Sweet Mocha, and I think she is similar to the company photos. I ordered her a wig and oval glass eyes today. Though the eyes are a similar color to the blue ones she came with, I hope I like them better.
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    4. Milk mocha and sweet mocha look identical in that picture.....
    5. They are quite different in real life. Here's my two ladies - Rosie is Milk Mocha, and Monica is Sweet Mocha. Both with Raccoon faceups....
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    6. They are beautiful!
    7. I have Raccoon Doll Sia slim body vol 2 in sweet mocha skin tone. For some reason could not make a photo that would reflect this color. It looks like normal.. My phone camera is not so great though...... Here she is, looks like normal

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    8. Congratulations MayQ, your Sia is so gorgeous! Yes, her skintone looks surprisingly light in that photo! She is so very beautiful. Looking forward to seeing more photos of her, if you get the chance!
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    9. Sure! I usually post to the Gallery when I sew a new outfit.
    10. My beautiful Monica, Aideen. She is also milk mocha.
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    11. I just posted this over in the FID discussion too, but I thought people on this thread might like to see as well - we were discussing hybrid options for FID/Raccoondoll to make a doll that looked like a teenager, or in scale child, and here's my contribution of my full dolls and hybrids:


      Left to right: Raccoondoll (RD) head on original Withdoll girl body, RD head on JID body with glamour bust, FID boy, FID girl, RD girl head on Dollzone B45-018 boy body, Raccoondoll girl, and Myou Tiny Gina in front of the FID boy.

      Please note though that they're all on stands about 1-2 cm high (you can see it clearly on the boy hybrid), except the FID boy, the Withdoll girl and the Myou tiny. So the height comparison is a bit off with those ones. Also apologies for the random mish-mash of styles and that some dolls don't have face-ups yet!

      So if you're after some variety in this size - the JID body, with the glamour bust, makes a nice almost plus size looking girl, a bit shorter than the standard size - and normally the resin would match too but my JID is old and a bit yellowed. The Withdoll/RD hybrid makes a nice teenage looking or just short girl - the head is slightly large but it's not bad. The Myou tiny has maybe a slightly too small head, but is better than any other YoSD or mature tinies I've found for looking like a child next to the FIDs. She does have a slight bust which I intend to dremel flat at some point. And the DZ body with RD girl head makes a nice slimmer/younger male, if you don't want all your guys big and muscley! Note that you do need to use a female RD head, the male will look too big I think.

      I think one of the most important things to consider for hybrids in neck size, as most MSDs will have too large a neck for the 5-6 size heads - but all these ones work pretty well. The JID is maybe a little big, but I think you can get away with it.

      So there we go! Hope that's helpful to any other obsessive hybrid makers out there!
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    12. Does anyone know of a hybrid Raccoon doll girl head on a Minifee or Supia body? I'm guessing the neck would need modding since the neck measurement on their page is smaller than what I'm measuring from Mnf and Supia, but would the proportions just look super weird even if the head happened to fit on the neck?
      Just how much smaller are they? :sweat
      Also do we have any info on the new bodies other than "there will be the new body of woman and man released"?
    13. Roqdoll put a Raccoondoll head on a Bimong body - the new type one - here: Login • Instagram - I think it looks awesome! And yeah, I really want to know about the new Raccoondoll bodies too, but no news yet as far as I know.
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    14. The long nail FID hands arrived for my Mika and they were easy to put on, just the little S hook cover kept falling out so I just put them in the little bag with her original hands. I love these FID hands she has much better wrist movement now. Just need to paint them when I get some more free time.
    15. @derilan85 oh I didn't realize that switching the hands would provide greater wrist movement too. The raccoondoll wrist has terrible movement. Shoot now I might need some grey fid hands...
    16. Just FYI, RD and Iple and RD gray resins don't match. Iple gray is quite a bit lighter than RD. I don't have a good picture to illustrate the differences, but for me they don't match near enough to switch hands, as I say, RD is a shade or 2 darker than Iple.
    17. Thanks for the link morganatron! I had to ask about buying heads separately and also about the upcoming bodies and this was their answer:
      Ordering extra heads, with or without body?Q&A - RACCOON DOLL
      "We’re not providing head separately. It is possible to purchase the single item only in the event period according to our schedule.
      Our new body will be released in late February, so please wait a little more."

      It's already February, so... That's soon!
      Is there a head selling event schedule somewhere..? :?

      Anyway, I wonder is the new body going to be "just" a slimmer option, like the difference between glamorous and slim but one step slimmer. They are pretty, but I would love to see one with shorter legs or different torso joint!
      And maybe different hands since it sounds like those are a problem currently? :ablink:
    18. You may know this, but Elite Doll World 1/3 tops fit my Gene. She has the large bust, in case you are wondering. I could put it on over her hips.

      I'm so happy to find an affordable option so I don't have to make everything. I did make the slacks.

      @MayQ Where did you get your Sia's pants?

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    19. Ugh... Been a wile since I dropped by! So many gorgeous ladies :love
      Here is the grand reason for my absence - I finally finished crocheting and outfit for Dall! :) Not sure about the necklace - the beads may be a bit to large for the scale - I wanted to use the same ones I did no the dress itself but now I'm very much on the fence about them...
      It's the first time I picked up a crocheting hook in mover a decade, so do cut me some slack on the many mistakes please! :lol:

      [​IMG]Dalialla_3 by Sshodan, on Flickr

      [​IMG]Dalialla_2 by Sshodan, on Flickr
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    20. Stylish lady - I especially love her long crocheted coat! :)
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