RosenLied discussion part 1

Apr 27, 2011

    1. Hee, joining in to rouse the thread in time for Christmas. I just caved and ordered a HC Bambi reverie fairy! I had kind of given up getting a pretty Limited Holiday's Child but was so surprised to find some in stock. Though not the best outfit I'm just glad to get a white skinned sleepy Bambi!
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    2. Congratulations! It's not a bad outfit! I haven't been to the Rosenlied site for a long time!
    3. Aye, it's not too bad though I really wanted a Rollingpumpkin or Uyuchagongbang one. But I got a faceup with U so that's not a bummer at all. I totally missed out on the basic run of Bambi dolls! No wonder her Limited version didn't sell out.
    4. In Coming Soon, there are more basic Bambi's... Is that a mistake, or are they having a re-release for Christmas? :3 I really want a Bambi...
    5. I was also hoping to get a non reverie Bambi but the current limited version didn't have the faceup I would like. If there will be more upcoming that would be sweet but ouch to my wallet!
    6. Congrats on your lovely Limited Edition, though :)

      I shouldn't be thinking about ordering another basic, but I totally am. I have a backlog of dollies who need face ups, but I don't think I could resist a Bambi if she was released again this year. X_X
    7. Thank you!
      As an evil bystander, I honestly wouldn't mind seeing another join your gorgeous family. ;)
    8. Aww thanks :D I can always count on the kind people of DoA to enable me. :D

      I already have Ribbon, Miu, and Lulu in my RL family. Bambi and PomPom are still on my wishlist :3
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    9. I love your concepts for your girls. All antique styled in lovely dresses and bonnets. Do you have an album showing how you display your dolls? Or do they all sleep in drawers out from the sun? I wish dollies don't yellow... else I best find glass cabinets with UV protective films.

      I'd love to add Ribbon and Miu to the family, though I hope they will be released at the right time for me like this Reverie Bambi!
    10. I am a bit of a bad dollie owner, in that my girls are mostly out a lot of the time these days, rather than resting in drawers. I used to keep them in drawers when I had a more manageable amount.. But I don't really anymore X_X The bulk of them sit atop a large table in my living room. It's not really near a window, but the room does get natural sunlight. X_X
    11. Congrats for the incoming! I had to leave the hobby for awhile and then saw the new Thursday Child. This probably isn't the right thread to ask, but I can't find any info on her. Does anyone here know more about her?
    12. Hi Bajib,
      Rosenlied updated with new limited Rosee full dolls and heads, and 2 other Thursday's Children.
      Here're their measurements found on the first release Rosee page:
      Doll size
      Head circumference : 9inch
      Height : 52cm
      Eye size : 18mm

      Chest : 23cm
      Waist : 18.5cm
      Hip circumference : 26cm
      Neck circumference : 9.5cm
      Knee circumference : 11cm
      Ankle circumference : 8.2cm
      Arm circumference : 7.5cm

      Hands (width) : 8.5cm
      Shoulder to wrist : 16cm
      Elbow to writs : 7cm
      Navel to sole of the foot : 33cm
      Waist to bottom of hip : 7.5cm
      foot length : 6.5cm
    13. Thank you! I had to look and now I really like the 2 new heads. I had left the hobby .......
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    14. Hi, everybody! :DMy girl is ready to celebration of New Year! I love very much dolls of this firm. Lovely and beautiful :love
      [​IMG]DSC_0378 by Alevtina Lomackina, on Flickr
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    15. @GallaL your girl is a sweetie! Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to all!

      I was having a rather trying week and was so delighted to receive my Reverie Bambi today! Here she is as a redhead. I am smitten!


      And I went to the Rosenlied website intending to leave a thank you note and saw their new Rose in Snow Rosee, @bajib I couldn't resist and splurged on her! :doh I am in so much trouble!
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    16. Many thanks for congratulations!
      Wonderful girl! She has lovely ears :love
      On the website it is impossible to resist from purchase :roll:
    17. GallaL: That dress is amazing! Beautiful work.
      yoake: Congrats on your new girl. She looks cute as a redhead, too. I'm so glad you have a Rosee on the way - I can't wait to see her!
    18. @GallaL Your girl is beautiful! I like her white dress. Rosenlied does make lovely dolls.
      @yoake Sorry you had a trying week. Perfect timing on Bambi’s arrival.
      She is so pretty. I love her ears. I have been tempted by Limited Bambi Fairy. I am a little concerned about her droopy eyes.
    19. @bajib I created a Thursday's Child discussion thread for more discussion for this size. :3

      @Oliveoil ohh I was also considering the current limited Fairy Bambi to be my reverie version's twin but did not like her faceup as much as well. Indeed it could have been the droopy eyes!
    20. Sorry for asking loke this, but donyou know how are waiting times for basic dolls? I want a wednesday child Milk so much and was wondering how much time it would be :):)