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Shelling yourself to a doll?

Dec 17, 2016

    1. Just wondering if anyone of you thought of shelling yourself to a doll, or maybe your friends and family? Well, don't get the wrong idea. This is not to be confused with wanting to be a doll obsession or anything. While it's quite the norm to shell your favorite OC and / or any other adapted character from manga, movies, etc, I don't see people actually talking about their "dollself" (if that's even a word...but you know what I mean :lol:)

      If you do, how's the experience? Do you enjoy it?
      If you don't or never thought about it, will you consider having one?

      What features do you look for in a sculpt if you ever shell yourself / friends/ family or thought of shelling yourself/ friends/ family? Does it have to look like your actual appearance or is it just a mere projection of your image?
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    2. I can't say that I have a doll self, and at this point I don't consider making any of my dolls into the likeness of myself, a friend, or family member.

      With that in mind I do own three sculpts that share their names with three people I know. I have an Iplehouse Oscar and Victor, and a Planet Doll David. The funny thing is that those are the names of my husband, my mom's, and my sister's. :lol:
    3. I've heard of people getting a doll in memory of a lost loved one. But I haven't done it myself. I prefer to keep mine "unattached", in a way. If you have a doll that's based on your deceased grandmother, for example, and you have to sell it. Wouldn't that just kill you?! It would me.
    4. I have a character that has my personality and behaviorisms. I made her quite a few years ago, so when I was trying to shell her, I did look for dolls that looked like me, but there really aren't any (maybe it's because I only get MSDs..). More recently, I gave one of my girls my hairstyle, but that's about as far as I could go x'D

      I would honestly love to find a sculpt that has my features xD The character I talked about earlier has changed so much over the years, it feels like there's none of me left in her.. It would be great to be able to give her my face xD
    5. I've never actually tried to, but I have had several people ask me if a doll of mine is supposed to be me. I've also done the twinsies thing with a doll before, making clothes that match mine. So... maybe I'm halfway there. It seems almost narcissistic to have a doll of yourself, but I could see it being something I would like. :XD:
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    6. I think it would be kind of cool, but its not something I have done or have plans at this time to do. I am in the same boat as @forest.rain though, because I prefer MSD and there isn't really anything that looks anything like me, maybe a younger version I guess haha. But still, it would be kind do cool to see!
    7. I genuinely feel that my girls are different parts of my personality, and they all work together in a way that makes my whole collection kinds of different facets of me, rather than one doll.

      Honestly, I don't think I'd want to shell myself - I definitely would buy a sculpt that looks like me (because how cool?!) but I don't think I really want a doll that *is* me. Sometimes I get annoyed with myself, let alone putting that in an expensive resin shell! ;)

      But on the other hand, having a "you" that your dolls could directly hang out with would definitely be cool.
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    8. I wouldn't want a doll "version" of me but I wouldn't mind getting one that represents my beloved dog.
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    9. Yeah, no, I would love my dogs to be shelled but their faces are so perfect, that I could never be completely satisfied.
    10. Years ago during the Minimee craze I saw at least one member here get a doll made in her likeness. The doll was cute, too! She had a few of them, all styled differently; it was neat. I wish I could remember her name now!

      EDIT: Here are a couple related threads: Dolls Resembling You?

      Would you get a Minimee of yourself?
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    11. Yea, I mean to have a doll 'me' that my dolls could hang out with and create photostories LOL
    12. I've never felt the need to doll myself or any other real person. It'd enter Uncanny Valley + Mary Sue territory way, way too much for my liking. Enjoying realistic sculpts is one thing, but for me to own a doll that looks like myself or anyone else I know? I strongly feel doing so would cross a line that one really shouldn't.
      #12 Selenae, Dec 17, 2016
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    13. Since Fairyland made the halloween minifee head. It looks like me. A lot. Especiall with the right wig.

      I probably would never have gone out and search for a doll that looks like me.
    14. I'm so critical of myself, I don't think I'd want a doll that looks like me. I don't have any dolls inspired by real people or fictional characters (other than my own OCs).

      My Granado Enoch is inspired by my dear dog who passed away in July, though. Not so much in how he looks, but rather his personality.
    15. I intend to represent my chameleons with reptiledoll tinies and my Tegu with a cuarto dragon, but never myself. My features are not at all like the ones I like on my dolls.
    16. Now normally I wouldn't want to create anything based on me as I have quite extreme face/ body dysmorphia and think i'm very boring and uninteresting etc. However I did have an unexpected reaction to the Myou Delia doll. I've had a very difficult life with a lot of trauma but when I looked at that doll, I felt a strong emotion. There's something about that face that reminds me the child part of myself that was never allowed to be expressed and felt like it had been lost.
      So when she arrives i'm most likely to try the doll with hair, eye colour & clothes reminiscent of myself as child as I feel like that would help me move past a few issues. I'm not sure if anyone else uses or has used a BJD as a sort of 'therapy' doll, it's something I hadn't really thought about doing until I saw that particular doll!
    17. Ooh this is interesting!
      No I didn't base my choices on myself and my future 'wanted' dolls are picked 'cause I think they are pretty and feel I could make a tonne of clothes for them hahah.
      I also wouldnt feel I'd need to base my choices on family and/or friends either really ^^;
    18. I don't want a doll of myself because playing with my dolls is an escape from reality and I have no desire to implant myself into my role play or written stories. I don't like the whole "your name" fantasy fanfictions, and I would feel like that's exactly what I was doing if I shelled myself. XD

      That being said, many of my characters do share traits or interests with me. Dhani has dark curly hair and green eyes, for example. Parker and I have the same tattoo, but in different places. Lakin is obsessed with researching roller coasters, planets, unsolved mysteries and abandoned places, as I am. Jack is crazy about Mario games, like me. But even with similarities, none of my dolls are exactly like me or meant to portray me. I think I'd get bored with that, since I'm me every moment of real life.

      As for friends or family, pretty much the same thing. I have an off topic ElleoDolls Russian toy terrier that I've painted to be an almost exact replica of my Rat Terrier, but that's a little bit different.
    19. I do think it's kind of cool how others do it though, either as therapy, a face for there busness, or just to have a doll that looks like them for fun!

      I understand why some people want that for many different reasons, but my reason for having dolls is very different, it's just because they are cute and I want to make clothing for them, so I wouldn't want one. I have zero interest in myself, not in a bad way, it's just that I don't find my looks interesting enough for that to be fun. I have a plain look, only wear hoodies and jeans and yeah, not as fun to design for...

      Well that and I sort of see the dolls as "alive" Not actually alive, but they seem to grow a character of their own. This being said, even if I did want to have a doll based off of myself, I wouldn't, because I see them as their own self, they can't be the same as me, and I don't want to force that on to them. I don't even tend to feel like their personalities pick up on my own, they often like things I didn't like and have personalities I used to feel uncomfortable around. I'm glad as it makes me more tolerant and understanding... maybe in a way I subconsciously use my dolls to connect and learn to understand things I dislike?

      I can totally see making my dolls hoodies and jeans to match mine for fun though! But they would still keep their own look, just have matching clothing!xD
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    20. Hmm, I never considered it until now. Truthfully, I'd never want a doll representing myself, family or friend because it feels uncreative to me and I feel it could jinx relationships with people. I think the only exception to this would be my boyfriend, just so my boyfriend-doll could keep me company when he's not around :blush But in that case, I'd sculpt the doll myself! :XD:

      In general though, I tend to let my dolls develop their own personalities for my stories involving them :) I do think that each of their personalities are fragments of my own, though. Including my deep subconscious, like my fears, dislikes and even my past experiences.
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