SIO2 Doll Mini Doll Discussion Thread

Jul 16, 2017

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    1. [​IMG]
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    2. Ahhh since he's been shipped I would really love to see what everyone's done with Funan!
    3. I love this one sooo much!!! I really hope to own your little sheep and/or cat one day. I also like your ragdolls a lot :D I so hope to see them in real one day because I have no idea if they will fit in my collection but I really love all your work
    4. This is my Funan with face-up! I defiently love him!! He is so precious with his long and cute little hands!
      Really looking forward to get the little brother of him!
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    5. What a gorgeous wonderful picture of him!! :drool
    6. Ah, yes, so gorgeous! I'm looking forward to his brother too!
    7. Ah! I really wanted Funan when he was released but wasn't able to grab him up! He looks great!
    8. I wanted to share my Funan from the boxopening. He is now with the face up artist and I can't wait for the outcome:
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