Sizing Terms - another new one for me? "RL"

Feb 5, 2021

    1. Hey pals,

      Do any of you all know what the size designation "RL" means?

      I love Moonlight BJD clothing (I'm looking at this outfit right now), but seems each listing I check out always has different acronyms .. and I just can't seem to find that one!

      Knowledge and wisdom on the subject much appreciated - I'm hoping to get this outfit for EITHER a minifee or a 1/4-sized doll. They show "MDD" as an option which should be good for a 1/4, but I'd just really like to know what RL is for future.

      Thanks a ton in advance!
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    2. I'm figuring Rosenlied, but they have ~5 lines of differently sized dolls. The shop also has size "RL holiday", that would be Rosenlied's Holiday's Child size.
    3. Yeah, RL are 1/4-sized but have childlike proportions, more like 1/6 dolls. They're also called Big BB, Chubby Baby - the Volks line is called DearSD.

      Here is the discussion thread for Volks DearSDs and this one is for all Big BBs!
    4. :abow: Thank you both, this is really helpful!