Soom Petit Gem Discussion - Part 1

Dec 28, 2016

    1. I'm not normally that into rabbit BJDs, but those ears!
    2. I can't wait to see more pictures, i hope she get a open eye face too :D
    3. Me too. It looks so chubby. I wonder if it will get its own magnetic ears like the others. Or is it only in the outfit?
    4. ahhhh, why'd they have to make another super cute petit gem so soon, i'm trying to save money! :...(
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    5. Maybe Soom want to make the Petite Gems more puplic?
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    6. yeah i agree, and i think that's a good thing! it's just a little overwhelming for my wallet personally. :sweat it makes me wish their dolls had longer order periods
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    7. I think I'll be safe from Leepy despite it looking so cute. I don't want to get a second doll from a line that I don't even know for certain that I'll like.

      Can't wait to see more pictures though!
    8. there's pictures of the new bunny up! she comes in grey or white and has an open-eyed head and dreaming head :whee:
    9. The open eyed head and grey skin are freaking adorable. :T
    10. Darn, I was hoping to find some owner pics in here. I'm highly leaning towards buying a leepy. She's so cute! Hope some of the Rudy's come in soon!
    11. I want a gray skin Leepy so much! I've been looking for an anthro bunny for so long. But up until now I couldn't find one that I liked. This bunny is everything I've wanted and more :XD:

      is the outfit included with the bunny or do I have to order it separately? I don't see any outfit option in the menu...
    12. I don't think i can turn leepy down either! Haha

      I saw the outfit for sale separately.
    13. @Kami_aqua, it seems no one has received their Rudy yet and Ondiin is really hard to find pics of. There are some Ondiin pics in this thread: Soom Ondiin Discussion . Last time I looked through it I saw some posing pictures and a comparison picture between a Petit gem, a Pukifee, and a PukiPuki.

      If Leepy had only been available in WS, there would be nothing for me to consider, but that grey skin is very tempting. Leepy *would* make a cute in scale friend for my Rudy and I think they both would look pretty good with my hippogriff, so that would be a plus. *sigh* And just two weeks to decide too. >.>
    14. @taixonay thank you for the info! The size comparison was just what i needed!.

      I'm gonna cave and get a leepy in grey I can't resist!
    15. @taixonay Thanks for linking the size comparison, a bit smaller than I was imagining. Despite that I'm completely enamored, I think I'll be ordering one for myself.
    16. You're welcome! Those pictures definitely helped me out when I was considering Rudy.

      ETA: it's a shame we don't have pictures yet. Does anyone have an Ondiin or Eva to share? I don't think I've ever seen owner pics of Eva...
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    17. I haven't seen any pictures of Eva either. Maybe it wasn't as popular.

      My Obiin is sitting in their box until I have time to take proper pictures. All the ones I have are trying on her new clothes, eyes, and wig.
    18. @TechnicolorFox would you be willing to share some of those pictures with us? Personally I'd love to see what outfits, eyes and wigs you’ve tried.
    19. I for one am very happy to see Soom expand this size range since I love smaller bjds with a slightly more mature aesthetic as most of the bjds in this size are usually babies/kids. I'm tempted with Leepy but I'm going to hold off since I'm still waiting on Rudy. I will definitely post photos once I receive her. The wait is torture T^T
    20. I bought the cute Outfit for my Rudy :D

      Does anybody know how long the actuall waiting time is for Soom dolls?
      I can not wait for my little deer baby <3 <3