Souldoll Zenith Girls Discussion

Nov 3, 2010

    1. Thanks! That really helpful :) The slender body and small chest remind me somewhat of fashion dolls :) The proportions look good with the head!

      Thanks for that info! I’ll have a look at Peakswoods too :)
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    2. I collected my Souldoll Sharon in their 'sandy brown' skin from my friend last Saturday, and I'm in love with her~<3 <3 Her lips and eyes are just so beautiful! Now comes the task of finding a body with a skin tone that mostly matches this one, as I don't think I'm going to be able to afford the Zenith body in SB any time soon/prefer the older version anyway.

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    3. Beautiful! Congrats on your new doll. I hope you can find a good body for her! :D
    4. Thank you so much!
    5. Hello all. I just purchased a Paratiisi in normal skin with faceup directly from Souldoll and I know I have a long wait. I am curious if anyone can share photos of your dolls and ideas where to find clothing and shoes or better yet patterns that fit them. I am super excited. She is my 40th birthday present.
    6. I just took photos of my Paratiisi today:

      But I can't help much with clothing, as I've barely bought anything for my girls. I know that tops tailored for the newer SG female body fit (old ones are too big), but Zenith's have insane hips and thighs so pants probably won't fit unless they're really loose. Shoe options are basically... large SD13 boy shoes, some Dollmore model doll female shoes and Souldoll with their tiny selection. ^^; I feel like every single doll Souldoll makes, has odd-sized feet.
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    7. Wow. I've just ordered a Souldoll Zenith Abigail and now I'm reading the news of Souldoll that some dolls will be discontinued from 30 sept., including my Abigail.
      Update - ::SOULDOLL:: Discontinued dolls&New ordering system
      This was close :sweat

      But hey! I will get a Zenith girl and she will be my first SD ever! I'm super exited ^-^

    8. To be honest I sort of saw this coming, I always thought that Souldoll produces a lot of new facesculpts so often to the point it's not sustainable. And they have these mass discontinuations before. I'm having a second look at some of the heads but don't feel a pull at the moment. Hope everyone gets what they want.
    9. I just ordered a zenith Vasilla head because she's about to be discontinued but I just realised that I will probably have enough money to buy her body this month as well. Should have just ordered the whole doll and got the summer event free shipping discount rather than paying for shipping on her head. Oh well. At least I'll receive 2 packages in the mail!
    10. Doll nudity :XD:

      I forgot to post my Souldoll Sharon in here after she got her Supia body, so I plopped her on it and took a quick photo. The proportions are really nice imo. The neck is a little big for the head, but nothing that isn't manageable. This is Supia's new Light Tan in natural light - I had to edit Souldoll's Sandy Brown to match, as it's much more pale/ashy than Supia's warm tones. I'll try and fix that with a faceup and maybe later dye her :) If anyone is interested in any more pictures of this hybrid, I can get some in December!

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    11. Does anyone have any other successful hybrids they've made with Zenith girl heads? :)
    12. Hi, I adore the zenith girl hands. Can anyone tell me the size of them please? What wrist dimension will they fit and also the length of the hand. Wondering if they may fit a Supia. Thanks!
    13. Hello~
      Here is my Fannie in sandy )
      Faceup, eyes and jewerly mine/

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    14. I was wondering if anyone has tried a Resinsoul body with a Zenith girl head before? I have had my discontinued Isabel Vampire head without a body for a while and she needs one in WS......
    15. Curious if you ever found an answer to this @derilan85 ?
    16. No, unfortunately, hoping I will have enough funds to get the body for my head, don't want to pay a lot for a body this time....
    17. Fingers crossed for you!

      I only have a Soom Super Gem body to try it on but don’t think that helps :/ And I think Zenith heads are known to be too small for Super Gems.
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    18. I've got an Agnetha head on a Bobobie 60 body and she looks just fine.
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    19. Oh that’s great news! I’d love to see her by the way. I just sent my Agnetha for a fresh faceup and was hunting around for more pictures :D