Unoa/Minifee hybrid but only for heel feet

Apr 29, 2021

    1. Hi, posting this here in hope more people see it. I was wondering if anyone has tried using just the heel feet on an unoa 1.5 body? I’d like to have my future girl to wear heels and unoa only seem to have the resin heels you can buy and not actual heeled feet.

      I think I’ve seen someone mention they used minifee feet on their unoa somewhere before but I can’t find it.

      I know the active line minifee feet are similar size to unoa feet. I’m not sure about resin match either but if it’s just feet I guess they can be blushed.

      If not I’m also interested in hearing about other brand of heel feel options that would match an unoa!
    2. There’s actually is high heel feet and they’ll start taking orders next month!
    3. Oh wow thank you! I swear I looked all around their site and didn't find them? Maybe because they're marked as 'Elder sister' category and thought nothing there would be compatible with the 1.5 girls.

      I wonder if they're similar to the minifee feet (in size and angle.) A lot of slim 1/4 BJD heels are modelled around minifee a-line feet, so using minifee feet is something I'd like to hear about as a possibility, especially if I found some second hand! I love a lot of Tonner doll heels which apparently are that size.
    4. Unoa feet are a lot bigger (certainly in width) than Tonner feet so unless the heel feet are much smaller than the regular feet, they wouldn't fit in Tonner shoes.

    5. Hmmm. I’ve seen Minifee’s wearing shoes for also made for Tonner’s, (They might not be Tonner official shoes, but they are sold as fitting Tonner as well as Minifee.) and Unoa’s regular feet are a similar size to Minifee A-line’s regular feet and often can wear the same shoes.

      Minifee regular feet are 5.5cm long and Unoa 1.5’s regular feet are 5.2cm long. I’m not sure about width but in pictures they always look similar, however I obviously don’t have the two to compare so perhaps they are wider.

      I want to find out if people had been successful using Minifee feet with Unoa’s bodies (They’d have to be the ones that were stringed, not the magnet feet.) so then my Unoa could wear all the pretty heels I see for them if I gave her minifee heel feet too.

      I couldn’t find any info on the Unoa heeled feet previously, so I don’t really know anything about them. They are apparently for the elder unoa but on the website they seem to have them as compatible to all.

      Really I am just after heeled feet that will work with my Unoa but give me good shoes options.
    6. Tonner shoes don’t fit bout shoes made for Madame Alexander’s Alex dolls do.
    7. I have Tonners and I have Unoa Chibi, here's a comparison shot of their feet:

      Other shots here:
      16" Tonner and Unoa Chibi foot comparison
      16" Tonner and Unoa Chibi foot comparison (bit blurry but shows the sizes)

      The Chibi can wear shoes for the Tonner male dolls (who have bigger feet than the female fashion dolls) and the larger flat-foot Tonners female Tonner's such as Herminone and Nancy Drew, but not the regular 16" Tyler Wentworth sizes that have so many attractive high-heeled shoes.

      I dont think the regular Unoa feet are smaller than the Unoa Chibi feet as some sellers offer shoes that fit both. But I don't have a doll with that size feet to compare with,.

      Good luck with the foot hunt. I just didn;t want to let you make a decision thinking your doll would be able to wear all those gorgeous Tonner heels and then be disappointed.

    8. I think there's been a bit of wires crossed and we both think we mean different things. I don't know hardly anything about Tonner dolls, but in this thread people have pictures of their dolls wearing Tonner shoes:

      I think the problem is there are multiple sizes of Tonner doll. You have 16" Tonner in your comparison, but I believe there is maybe 22" Tonner dolls, as in the thread one person says '22 Tonner'. I think they might be called 22" Tonner American Models on a quick search but as I said I don't know much about them.

      There is also this BJD shoe shop people have ordered from that lists Tonner in it's item titles alongside Minifee which has the measurements "53mm long and 17mm wide" which sound a good fit:

      BJD 1/4 Fairyland Minifee Tonner Evangeline doll Shoes | eBay

      I think my fault here is not knowing there was another Tonner doll size smaller than the 22" Tonner shoes, so I didn't specify, so you thought I meant the 16" Tonner dolls.

      So you are correct in that 16" Tonner will not fit, but there are 22" Tonner shoes that may fit. It seems looking on other doll sites selling 22" Tonner shoes that they do list them as fitting other slim mini's such as Narae and Dollshe:

      JS-SLOUCHBOOT-AM-Slouch Boot (For American Model)

      So I think that's why there's been misunderstanding between us. Thank you for pointing this out because I may have bought 16" Tonner shoes by accident and got a nasty surprise! However it looks like I could give the cute 22" Tonner shoes I found a go which still have a lot of nice styles!
    9. Ah yes, The 22" American Models are rarer than the "standard" 16" Tonner dolls.

      I have a couple of American Model outfits for one fo my SD sized girls, but have never had any of the shoes.

      Yes, if MiniFee heel feet fit into Evangeline Ghastly shoes, those feet would probably work on a Unoa. I just tried my Evangeline's shoes on my (flat foot) Unoa Chibi foot, and it almost fit, so the Mif=nifee feet would be a very similar size.

      Evangleine is quite popular (and more common than the 22" American Model dolls), so I'd imagine there would be more shoes available for Evangeline than the American Models.

    10. Would still like to hear about people using minifee heel feet on Unoa’s or any other brand of heel feet options for that matter!!
    11. Alrighty, for giggles I put a MNF foot on one of my Unoa. There are a couple problems. First, the ankle joint doesn't fit. The top of the foot is too big for the socket of the ankle. It would definitely have to be sanded down to fit, and I'm not sure how the movement would be afterward? Second, the resin match is ..not remotely close. To be fair, both my Unoa are older, but Fairyland resin is a lot pinker even accounting for that.
    12. Thank you so much! This is exactly the kind of info I wanted! (I presume the heel feet and the normal feet have the same ankle joint and that’s what I was most curious about.)

      I see with some modifications it could possible work,

      Resin match is something I’m not too worried about as I can blush the feet to match. (Most heels I like are closed toe anyway.)

      Oops hit reply be accident.

      I think modified fairyland feet would be a last resort. I guess I’ll just have to investigate the narae heel feet I saw someone say they used...or start the hunt/wait to find actual unoa heel feet for sale.
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