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Villitunes -- Mizuki Cyclops, Mimi-chu, Bunnycorn, Etc.

Nov 3, 2016

    1. That's great you had a try-on party!

      I suspected that clothes would be difficult to find. Tinies tend to be hard to fit because they are so small and differences can really be a big deal... I mean--that can happen with larger dolls, too, but the shapes of tinies also tend to vary a lot... so they are hard to fit over-all.
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    2. It's so true! She doesn't FEEL as small as she is, but trying on all those clothes really put into perspective how short her little legs are. At least Villitunes sells clothes for them! Maybe now that they're getting more popular other sewists will start too.

      Just for fun, here's a pic of her in the new headband I picked up for her at Sakura-Con :D
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    3. So adorable! I love the unicorn dress! :aheartbea
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    4. Yeah, that's what I was guessing, too. Was just hoping someone may have known a definite wig size :) Thank you, though! I ended up buying a 7-8 wig, so hopefully it fits well!!:love

      PS--Your Mizuki is too adorable!!! I love the yellow resin!
    5. Thank you so much! She cheers me up whenever I look at her :aheartbea

      I saw someone posting their Lamoon on FB and asked what size wig she takes. They confirmed it's a 7-8 wig but said they use a silicone cap to help keep it on. So that's really good to know!
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    6. Mizuki is precious! I want her but then I feel she would need a matching Odysseus, which I don't think I'll be able to find a kawaii, pastel colored version of. Maybe if Villi re releases Gloriana that would work - "Ody and the Baby Cyclops" part 4 of the epic cycle.

      Mimichu has such chubby cheeks. Too bad they're bad of resin.
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    7. [​IMG]

      Sorry for the double post!
      Villitunes uploaded a photo on their IG with Lamoon's and Mimichu's body measurements. Villi only showed Lamoon's head though.
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    8. I bought a grey Mizuki second-hand a while ago, and it was one of the best decisions I ever made! :lol: Here they are with their original owner's faceup (they're now waiting for a new faceup!) and hair helping me knit a blanket:


      Now that the preorders for Mizuki and Loppi-Moon are coming up next week, I'm really, really torn...my Mizuki needs some friends, but I'm not sure who! I loooove the new green tea color on Villitune's site, but was originally thinking of getting a yellow or pink color. :doh
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    9. Ooooh! Is that grey? Looks amazing!

      Agh--I'm trying not to get my Mizuki any friends--but it's SO tempting. I love all the colors!!! :sweat
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    10. up, my Mizuki is grey! Villitunes' grey is rather cool toned, so it can easily look more blue or green.

      Loppi-Moon is coming out this time, too - that would be the perfect friend for any cyclops. :love
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    11. Anyone else get in on the new pre-order? I admit I caved and got a blumt Loppi-Moon... Sunny Beeps needs a friend after all :lol:

      I just can't resist her dolls! I love them all so much! :aheartbea
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    12. Created the VilliTunes wiki page. Please review to see if I made a mistake <3
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    13. Aw...Cyclops Loppi-Moon are so adorable. I'm a little sad about missing the preorders but atleast it'll give me a chance to save up and see owner pictures before commiting to my own someday.
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    14. Thank you for making a wiki page! I just love when people add info to the wiki, since it's so important, but often ignored...
    15. Thank you :) It makes me sad the Wikia isn't updated more often. It does have a bit of a learning curve.... Have you Mods thought having some sort of "reward" to get people to edit it? Maybe something like an "Editor Rank" displayed on Users' profiles or under their tags?