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What do you do when you are uninspired by a doll?

Dec 22, 2016

    1. When you have a doll that you can't quite seem to connect with anymore or a doll you haven't had the urge to play with in a while? Or a doll you are just generally feeling bored with?

      What is your method for dealing with this? How do you find inspiration in and excitement for a doll again?

      And if you can't seem to rekindle that flame, how long do you wait before you know it's time to sell?
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    2. I had that happen once, I ended up realizing I was trying to make the doll fit the girly image other pictures had of her. Once i tried a short wig and boyish clothing I really liked her again! So maybe try to experiment with the style you give them, maybe even rename them, just try everything your willing and able to try. If your not interested in trying different things, then maybe the reason you don't like them is too deeply woven in to you. But if you are interested in trying, then my guess is you'll find a way to like them again!

      I recently decided to restart my collection though. I got all of my dolls during a really bad time in my life, so I ended up not enjoying looking at them after things got better. I didn't realize this for a few years, but once I found out that was the reason for my lack of interest... well I decided to sell them. If it was something I could fix or change I would keep them... but the memories they bring back are not something I can erase, so it was time to sell. So for me personally, I think it's best to sell when you realize there is no ways to fix what you don't enjoy about them.
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    3. usually I just need to handle the doll more - play with it, style it, sew for it etc. Normally I just look at my dolls and don't handle them much, but as soon as I pick them up I like them a lot more!
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    4. I don't know...I would probably reflect why did I get him in the first place...if that doesn't help, maybe I will just sell him
    5. Depends on if I ever felt anything for the doll. I might try a new faceup, new wig, new eyes, new character. Maybe sell the head and try a different head. If all else fails, I sell/trade it. If I'm not 100% sure I want to let it go yet, I stick it in a box in a closet for a month and see if I miss it. If I don't, it's time to go.
    6. Have a look at how much money it would cost to either sell or replace, that will really help motivate you to get inspired :)

      Or replace it's clothes and change the way it looks.

      Or just put it away for a few months to give your brain a break from it. When you pull it out again you may see it in a different light.
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    7. If I don't love them I sell them (well once I traded dolls with someone else but that's pretty much the same thing). I've never tried to change my mind about a doll through customization or whatever though I have been known to use dolls I don't like to try different mods on. I don't anthropomorphize my dolls like some do so I don't feel bad about selling dolls.
    8. I will try new eyes or a wig to see if that takes it in a different direction. If I love the sculpt enough where I'm really hesitant to sell, I'll commission my favorite faceup artist for a new faceup. Otherwise if I'm at the point where I'd rather have another doll or the money, that's when I'd sell it.
    9. I pack it up and don't think about it for a while. If I still feel uninspired, it stays in storage. My choice in bjds is not the most popular sculpts, so selling is a hassle. I just don't know what to do, lol.
    10. I start with their clothes if that's still not good then eyes and hair. If not that then face up, I always believe you can bond just need the right glue.
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    11. I usually change the wig, eyes, and clothes. If that doesn't work, new face-up is in order! Once I've done all that and I'm still not in love, it's time to sell.
    12. Change everything up, wig, outfit, eyes, ect, take some photo and try to get re- inspired. If I feel the same way consistently for 6 months, it's time to sell and use the fund for a new doll that I'm excited about. Life's too short to have dolls I feel blah about.
    13. I've never been totally uninspired, but I was disappointed with my Dollclans Vezeto initially due to the lack of facial detail.

      As a result, I modded him to add detail (some cheekbones, temples, cleft chin, pudge at the corners of his mouth, sharper lip definition, etc.). Now I love him!
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    14. First I usually mess with clothing style. If I can't find what works then I mess with wig and eye combos. That usually does it for me. I usually haven't found the look for that particular doll correctly. For me, changing the face up would be last. I have never had to mod a doll to be happy. For the few dolls I was never really happy about were impulse buys - dolls that were well priced and available when I had money but no plan for. Nothing could have saved those dolls. I sold most of my impulse buy dolls and so I don't impulse buy anymore. I have to have a plan or nothing.
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    15. I try my hardest to spend a lot of time with the doll, but end up putting it aside if im still not feeling anything. I end up lying there in the middle of the night, having an urge to see the doll. Tada. Thats just me, though. It goes up and down a lot.
    16. I have't run into this yet, but I'm a noob, so it's bound to happen. I love changing my girls wigs and clothes though, and I would even change their eyes out if I thought it might help. If none of that helped I would think of maybe getting them a different faceup. I think that would be my last resort though personally, because if I still am not bonding with my doll after that then there isn't too much else I could do. I don't sew or draw or anything, so I could become inspired by them in that way, so I guess if I exhausted all of those options I would probably end up trying to rehome her :pout:
    17. For me sometimes it's just a matter of putting the doll down and walking away for a few days. At that time I usually do a different hobby, then come back to the doll when I feel differently. Sometimes I ask my two daughters who can come up with some wild ideals, I pick one of the ideals and go from there. I also find inspiration from looking at anime, as well as just going outside.
    18. For me, trying the one thing on them (wig, eyes, outfit, whatever) that I think is totally ridiculous and will NEVER work either ends up looking amazing or ends up giving me an idea for how I want them to look.
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    19. In this order.... change outfit :3nodding:> sit on shelf > change wig :sweat > sit on shelf > change eyes :(> sit on shelf > get a new face up :pout:> sit on shelf > consider selling :sigh > change outfit.....
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