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What is/are the most favorite doll(s) you have kept since you started this hobby?

Nov 25, 2017

    1. Hello everyone:XD:,
      I've been wandering this for so long although it might be a silly question to ask.Please ignore this post if it's already existed. My most favorite doll is the first doll I bought from LUTS. I don't know why I just feel like I can't take eyes off of him even though he's been kept in the box
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    2. Well, my first Favorite doll would be a Doll-Zone Kimi. She is the doll that, when I saw, I wanted to get. I was never able to get her because she was discontinued before I had the money but she will forever be my "Intro" doll. Otherwise my current Favorite doll would be my Doll-Zone Annie, Nyx. She is my very first doll and I love her so very much.
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    3. Probably my Dollmore Trinity and Lusion girls. They're huge, unwieldy, difficult to dress with their dead weight, but I love them anyway just 'cause they're so gorgeous.

      I'll probably never sell them, especially since shipping one of these girls would be ridiculously expensive. I'm lucky Dollmore offers free shipping on them or I'd have never bought them in the first place, just admired from afar. lol
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    4. I don't really have one as I like the idea of being fair to all of them—even though some do end up getting more attention than others, and in the case of the one whose had the most attention lavished on them it would be my Angelheim Ryan for the following reasons:
      - I have 2 of his head sculpts, each with a different faceup to represent different facets of his character
      - he has the most developed story (when I can be bothered to actually work on it)
      - he used to get first dibs on all the new clothing sets I bought until I settled him on his "forever" outfits
      - he's one of the oldest sculpts I own (in the top ten oldest since I started in this hobby)
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    5. Not particularly a favorite as I like all my bjds, but my oldest bjd is my Sakura & Paper Guizi Fox hybrid. He is just so tiny and cute! I went through a period where I sold off all my bjds and started over and he was the only one to stay.
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    6. The oldest I have that I've kept is my DollZone Edward, Silfe. He's a favorite of mine not just because of his character, but because he comes from the time when I was just starting to really engage with this hobby. So he has a great deal of sentimental value. It helps too that he's discontinued.
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    7. I will never part with my Bory. Even if some dire circumstances forces me to sell my other dolls, Annix is staying in the family and being willed to my descendants.
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    8. Favorite for past,now and future, I still kept with me. Even she still in box most of the time. She is mystickids Lilian.
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    9. If we're going by kept the longest, it would be my first doll, who is an AoD Chen. He just turned 10 years old and I'm his first owner, still have him.

      But if you mean just my favorite since I've been in the hobby, well, right now my Volks F-16, Luts Howl and ResinSoul Mi are probably my favorites. F-16 because he was my grail and I think his faceup is one of the best I've done, Howl because he's cute, the body poses well, he's good quality and I love his character most. Mi because I like how inhumanly tall and thin she is, I love her character and she has such a uniquely pretty face. My Island Doll Emily also holds a special place in my heart, not because of the doll herself, but because my husband picked her himself as a surprise gift for me.
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    10. I still have most of my early dolls in the collection...

      My very first dolls arrived together. A pair of CP/Delf Shiwoo and Dreaming Shiwoo twins (Harumatsu and Tien Jen). They're still here, and still among my favorites.

      After them came the first incarnation of my Dollshe Hound, Seimei. I did eventually sell that version of him, but replaced it with another Hound on an updated body in a slightly different resin color. So... He's sort-of "still here" figuratively, though not as exactly the same physical object I had in 2006. He half-counts as one I 'kept', I think.

      Daisy and Nightengale (Both CP/Delfs; a Dark Human Soo originally intended just to be a practice head and a modified Dreaming El made to replicate a favorite anime character) were next in line... followed by Crane. (CP/Delf El). All three of them are still here, too... Although the white resin version of Crane was repurposed to be my ghost, Yue, several years ago when I bought a Normal resin El to replace him. (I'd replace Nightengale with a NS version too, if I could. I hate the way "beauty green" white CP resin ages... But Armeleia would probably murder me if I asked her to re-do that massive ear-mod. It was apparently a real pain in the rump. :lol: )

      I think Teacup, my CP/Delf Elf Shiwoo was next... And yeah. He's still here, too. He's always been a favorite.

      A lot of other dolls have come and gone since those days. I sold off or replaced many of my other white resin Delfs with NS counterparts in 2009-10. Some of the Sooms stuck around while others didn't. Experiments with other companies and styles were sometimes successful and sometimes not... But over-all more of my gang are still here than not. ^_^
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    11. This is an easy question for me to answer. My BJD hobby began in 2011 when I got my 1/3 boy Genesis (5 Star Tumnus ).
      I got him during 5 Star Doll's Summer event. With that event I also got Ricky (5 Star 1/6 Rex) and Toska's head (5 Star 1/3 Edmund head).
      Genesis has always been my sweet darling boy. I love him so much. I've never had children of my own, and even though I know he's just a hunk of resin, he's like my child. No matter where this hobby takes me in the future, I will never part with him.

      After I got Genesis and Ricky and Toska's head, my life situation changed and I couldn't do anything with my dolls, so they were put away for safe keeping. Toska was still just an unpainted head at that point.
      In 2015 when my situation changed for the better, I started enjoying my dolls again. Since then I've added 9 more dolls to the doll family. Poor Toska now has a faceup and a body. After 6 years he is finally complete. He turned out so well, that I think I love him almost as much as my first boy, Genesis.

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    12. Well, I've been collecting BJDs since around 2006 & a couple of my first ;purchases are still my favorites today like my Narindoll 1/3 Narae & Narin. All my Luts are favorites, tan Lishe, tan El, tan Chiwoo, The Moon though he wasn't one of my firsts & Miyu. But I think my very favorite is my Choa with face-up by Evenstar. Also, though he came later, is Zev, a tan Customhouse Special Line with Goth face-up by Rolling Pumpkin.
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    13. It's too difficult for me to pick one favorite out of my 20, but I do have ones that I tend to gravitate more towards and find comfort in more than the others. My IoS Sebastian Michaelis and Grell Sutcliff are two that I would never be able to part with; they are just so incredibly accurate and beautiful. Having them really is a dream come true. My Soom Midnight Whisperer Amber, Phonolus, Dream Walker Ender, Dream Ripper Heliot, and R. God Master Heliot are also very dear to my heart. Their characters are fleshed out the most in my mind where I feel that they have distinct personalities. They feel "real" to me in a sense, even though I know they are just dolls.
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    14. :XD:so lucky that you got some precious early Luts dolls and still keep them as your favorites.T_Tunfortunately, I started this hobby in 2012, and by the time I started searching Luts EL dolls it's already discontinued :...(
    15. Keep your eye on the Marketplace once you get access. Els were very, very popular dolls "back in the day", so there are still quite a few of them around. They come up for sale fairly regularly. ^_^
    16. :sweathopefully,I can get the access to marketplace soon
    17. My first bjd is a Popodoll Chen. He isn't popular nor is the maker which is a shame. I looked and looked at him on ebay in the Dolls' Singing store for 4 years! I had never spent that much money on anything I didn't 'need' but would easily and often did for others. He was the first nice gift I've ever had in my life, and I am glad I did something nice for me. He is still my favorite doll. The maker wasn't willing or able to cast a second head for me, but I was lucky to come across another one in the MP here. I've only seen 4 of this sculpt even though I've been searching for all these years for more photos. Last fall, I bought a body second hand from a friend. Jeremy now has a clone which makes me feel more secure to take him out and about. I can't easily replace any of my dolls, but it's nice to take them out for meetups, pics and sometimes just because I can. Now, I feel happier because I can take the clone out and know original Jeremy is safe at home.
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    18. I already sold my first doll due bonding issues, but I still have most of the dolls after that. Surely smaller dolls have come and gone for the same reasons, but SD-sized dolls from the beginning have stuck with me. I love love love my LUTS Regen, he is in the old Dollzone male body. The other one is Dollzone Cosmo, my first doll purchased new. He has gone through serious style changes, but now I'm finally happy with him. Both have been with me for over five years now.
    19. My oldest keeper is my Dim Bellosse with a Val Zeitler face up. She is still magical to me...
    20. I have two favorites and I sound like the biggest broken record when I speak about them. My number one fav is my Dream of Doll E-an (Anna), she was my very first doll way WAY back in 2009 and she still has prominent placement on my dresser so I can always see her. As my best friend so rightly puts it; she’s the Queen Bee. All others come second to her.

      My second fav is my Dream of Doll tan Code No 7 (Malachi). For some reason his limited sculpt wasn’t well received when released, I’ve only ever seen two other individuals who bought this doll, however I adored him and he was kind of an impulse purchase and one I certainly don’t regret. He takes his place right next to Anna, I’m simply charmed by him, he’s so handsome.

      But these two, even if I left the hobby, these two would remain with me.