What originally got you into BJDs? - Pt.2

Oct 21, 2017

    1. it all started with an article in a magazine. i have always loved dolls since i was a little girl, but since i was a rough little girl, my mom stopped buying dolls for me. when i was in my teen, i started making doll dresses for barbie size plastic dolls, but i have no idea about the existence of bjds. until i read the article. i was so intrigued that i started researching on them & falling in love more & more. until my late 20's when i finally got a job that pays in usd, & a paypal account & the know how to buy things online. i had to learn quite a lot of things before i was actually able to buy my 1st bjd.
    2. I saw somebody let their dolls cos anime character. And some members in a chatting group keep sending photos of their Mystic Kids Cavell and Napi Carol.
    3. Deviantart, in middle school. There was one artist I followed who took the most gorgeous pictures of her dolls. Of course, in middle school, I was lucky if I had $10 on me at a time (and I didn't do enough research to find the cheap dolls list), so several hundred dollars seemed like an impossibility. 10 years later, after graduating from college, I found out that one of my friends I'd just graduated with had BJDs (and I never knew the whole time we were in school!). She helped me find the cheap dolls list, this forum, and before my first new doll made it home, I bought a secondhand doll from her. Now I have 3, a YoSD, a MSD, and a SD.
    4. I think I kind of stumbled upon them on deviantart many years ago, then I forgot they existed completely because I didn't have any money to even save up back then. I rediscovered BJDs either through instagram or Facebook, I'm not sure.
    5. I was working on a school project and looked up the definition of the word bid, ended up mistyping and discovered bjds. Now I have a wonderful little crew that I couldn’t be happier with.
    6. I discovered the hobby by accident way back in high school, probably through deviantart or something. I remember finding them pretty, but it being way out of my budget at the time. Ended up forgetting about bjds completely til one of the cosplayers I follow got her first bjd a few years ago. I did a ton of research, and got my first one in 2015. I own one YOSD and one MSD (the latter which got me into the hobby in the first place years ago), and they're both wonderful!
    7. I first saw some BJDs during a manga convention at Paris back in 2005. After that I found Dream of doll website and fall in love with one of their dolls. I sign up on a french forum and two years later I bought my first BJD, a doll in mind Galahad.
      That's what originally got me in this hobby !
    8. The holy internet! I used to look at a lot of cosplays and artist and once saw someone cosplaying an Elfgutz doll so I checked their Instagram out. I was amazed and really loved them. I didn´t know what a bjd was back then. After a while i realised they had a link in their profile explaining what their hobby is (I suspect a lot of Elfgutz followers don´t know much about bjds..) I klicked on it because it was kinda my only source back then because I didn´t do much research. After reading it I kinda got the feeling becoming a bjd owner is impossible when you weren´t already into the hobby. I was scared a lot. I thought I couldn´t join the hobby because i wasn´t a pro. Also Elfgutz had a link to shop to where you can buy bjds, it was very complicated and confusing, not like any shop I´ve seen today. After that I just looked at some pictures of bjds, washing out my interest until a while ago... (I personally am not a fan of Elfgutz anymore... maybe because of my bad experience I had....) Now, I do not know how or when I exactly I got really into bjds... could be a few months ago atleast, but only 2 months ago I started really actively doing research on stuff. I think I saw a bjd after a while on Instagram which caught my interest and did some research. I used to just google bjd and look at the pictures, I saw a particular one which is now my grail doll! I was amazed by it... I never knew I could find out what kind of a sculpt it was. I watched a lot of YouTube videos, got engaged, looked at many companies and all that stuff. Now I am here having gained a lot of information! Yay!
    9. It was kind of a process for me? I knew about BJDs for the longest time as the weeb I used to be, but I couldn't have ever afforded one before I hit my mid-twenties. So, after I became a little independent I kind of cruised back onto the curious wave and ended up getting a doll - something like "I can finally do this! I'm an adult" :sweat...but I guess I'll blame the Ineternet and SWITCH sclupts! (which I love!)
    10. I started getting interested in middle school when I saw some photos on DeviantArt. When I started following foolbot and Mr. Kitty I really fell in love. I still wish I could get one for myself... Anyway, I found out a good friend of mine was also into BJDs while browsing the internet over at her house. After a little while we began collecting with blank Hujoo dolls as they were about the price range two 15 year olds could manage. Then I got my first resin doll! That's how it began.
    11. I was looking for vintage vinyl dolls on Ebay, I wanted to buy a few dolls I had when I was a child.
      That's how I saw BJD dolls for the first time.
      I thought it was completely crasy to sell dolls such a price! But at the end, I got caught myself in this hobby!
    12. There used to be an artist on Deviantart called Bellz who I was really interested in. They made posable art dolls that I loved, so I started looking more into the topic and ended up discovering BJD. There was also a store near me that sold Blythe dolls and posable anime dolls, which are kind of in the same sphere.
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    13. I started collecting Monster High dolls a couple years ago, and I started watching Dollightful and other similar repainters. I think of them did a faceup for a BJD, and I was just fascinated with it's pose ability and versatility. I knew that I would need one someday!
    14. Deviantart, seeing peoples characters come to life in a doll. I started with monster high dolls, collecting and customizing, then I saw some Doll Chateau bjds on some posts and was like "This is it, this is for me" Haven't looked back since :D
    15. A million years ago, I went to an anime convention and there was a panel on BJDs. I just fell in love with them. Of course, I didn't know their prices at that time. I got a heart attack when I got home :D
    16. I've wanted a BJD ever since I was a young teenager but they just felt so out of reach. Now I have three of them. :3c
    17. A few years ago I played a game in which the main character kept BJDs. I was really fascinated by them, but always thought they were too expensive. Then my grandma bought one, and rekindled my love for them!
    18. The first time I heard of a BJD was around 2000 when my local newspaper ran an article about the Volks doll company. I didn't get interested in them until a few years later when I googled them just for fun/saw one in real life/or looked for the newspaper article in a library database. I can't remember, what's your story?
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    19. I think I saw my first bjd in 2008 ish while sitting in my college dorm scrolling through DeviantArt. I can't even remember what sculpt or anything but i became obsessed when I realized it was a thing. Never liked dolls before but these babies hit me (read: my wallet) like a train and I've never looked back.
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    20. I was looking for some inspiration for my next drawing when I came upon a collection of Volks School A dolls. I don’t remember the name of the site anymore- “Venus” - something but that’s where it all started for me. I think that was in 2002-2003.

      Wow your local paper did an article on Volks? What a cool town.
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