What originally got you into BJDs?

Jan 19, 2010

    1. Rozen Maiden! I started liking bjd after i watched this anime. :)
    2. Always been a huge fan of dolls and I never outgrew my love for them. Happened to be browsing DeviantArt one day and saw this awesome picture of a Delf El. Never even heard of BJD before and it took me forever to figure out what I was looking at. Immediately piqued my interest when I learned it was a doll, so I went hunting for more info, and the rest is history.
    3. I had stumbled across bjd hobbyist on DeviantArt who had been posting beautiful photographs of her dolls, and at the time I had never even heard of a ball jointed doll. Her photographs were so beautiful and the characters she created out of her dolls put the spark in me. I was super young at the time and definitely couldn't afford one but the idea of purchasing one some day never really left me.
    4. I alway collected antique dolls, and i came across the obitsu kind of dolls some years ago...
      I did not like them to much, but later one i found the fairylands, and luts dolls, and other then the antique dolls
      These dolls can move and pose ... One one hand i feel like a kid, making them clothes and style their hair..
      Maybe thats why i love theme so much....
    5. Actually I got into it because my sister began to sculpt her own bjd by hand out of clay over the course of two years. She was always showing me the progress of it and telling me little tidbit facts. One day I decided to surf about on my own and check out other bjd out there. The customizableness of them really caught my eyes.
    6. I was on taobao looking for nendoroid clothes and the store I was looking at sold BJDs as well so as I was filtering their shop by clothes, I stumbled upon all the beautiful BJD listings and fell in love and never looked back... ;)