What was Your first Doll? - Pt.2

May 26, 2018

    1. Unoa Lusis, back when it was harder than heck to ever get one! No english market, so long nights on japanese auction sites. I paid so much for that doll simply because of supply and demand.
      She arrived with a dirty face up, dirty feet and knees and rotting strings. She was REALLY dang old! 2003. Not exactly the ideal first doll experience. I was a young teen that spent every penny to get her and no money or resources left to fix the surprise damages, so she sat in her box and tainted my love of the hobby. :(

      I tried again as an adult and had a much lovelier time with other dolls. Lusis went to a good home, a girl who collected Unoas. I couldn’t ask for a happier outcome!