Which bjd can wear Blythe clothes?

Jul 3, 2008

    1. Wow, this information is very helpful
    2. Atelier momoni pitusa sized girls can wear some Blythe clothing. Their legs are longer so some skirts are very short and some dresses look like shirts.
    3. imda 2.6 can wear Blythe dresses too, and some loose jackets or shirts!
      Not pants tho, imdas got thick cutie legs haha
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    4. My Emily by Ana Salvador fits Blythe clothes :)
      Also Irrealdoll Annic and Enoki fit in Blythe size
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    5. Nefer Kane's Circus Kane Onion fits most Blythe clothes perfectly -- and (this was a huge surprise to me) Nefer's piglet Grook is just fine in Blythe clothes that are loose from the waist down. Both Onion and Grook can wear the larger/clunkier Blythe shoes, too.
    6. Limhwa/Eosdoll 27 cm (To You Mari, Yume, Sara) can wear Blythe clothes (their legs are longer, though), also Depths Dolls Rose can wear some Blythe clothes, some wide dresses preferably because her hips are really wide and has long legs, so a Blythe dress can end up as top / mini dress for Rose.
    7. Former Blythe collector. Blythe can wear the Lati yellow clothes so presumably it works both ways (height is the only issue). Pullip, Azone and most momoko clothes will also fit blythe as will vintage skipper (barbie's sister the vintage version not new ones) Jenny and Licca doll clothes by the same brand as Blythe (but these aren't that nice and can stain easily) If you have a BJD that fits Blythe clothes these are all options that will also fit. Skipper is especially fun for bulk buying cheap modern clothes and you might even have some in your doll collection or attic already. For Blythe's hats and headwear her head is the same size as the american girl doll (they can share hats and wigs) so hair accessories, hats and other head items in sets will fit SD dolls rather than the tinies and can be a great way to find SD sized hats in a wider range of styles. If you get an outfit set you can split the head accessory and the clothes between a 1/6th and an SD
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    8. Does anyone know if 5star dolls miss s fits blythe clothes?
    9. Lillycat Chibbi Lana can wear Blythe clothes too.


      Well at least tops and dresses, pants won’t fit.
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    10. This thread Does anyone own a 5stardoll Miss S? says she can fit in the monster high clothing and has images of her in it.But another owner says she can't but can wear some barbie clothes. her feet seem close to blythe as she can wear Lati yellow shoes which blythe can often wear. I'd say the plastic blythe shoes wouldn't work but leather and fabric might work especially boots and enclosed shoes - azone, lati yellow, momoko and blythe wear the same shoes and could be worth trying. Avoid sandals, heels & plastic and try fully enclosed designs with laces, zips or buttons (lace up boots will allow a few mm of adjustment and you can stuff the toe or use thick socks if they are too big, making them a good style to test sizes.
    11. I use to change Blythe clothe try on Lati yellow. I think it was ok.
    12. This might have been mentioned already but Hujoo 27cm/USD dolls fit blythe clothing. I have a (off topic) Hujoo Rose and she wears blythe stuff a lot. She is a bit wider so I sometimes have to move the velcro on skirts a bit and I guess pants wouldn't work, but dresses and blouses are usually a perfect fit.
      Hujoo does make some resin dolls, you could look into those?
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    13. ClockWorkFaery's Moriko is Blythe sized and the clothes fit her fairly well! She even has a similar head shape so hats may work too ^-^
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    14. I also found the more slender Doll Chateau tinies such as the now discontinued Zora can wear short or stretchy sleeved Blythe dresses and tops if that helps.
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