Wilde Imagination Amelia Thimble discussion part 2

Apr 30, 2018

    1. I won another auction on eb*y for another Amelia Thimble. Turns out it was from the same seller as before too. I dropped out of the bidding for the one with 3 wigs because it was clearly going to get higher than the other one. She should come this week.
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    2. My new Amelia just arrived. She is very cute, of course. Her stringing is pretty wonky. Her arms are a little loose which I can probably live with but her head and legs are very tight. Does the elastic wear out and get loose over time?

      eta: Does anyone ever put Amelia heads on other tiny bodies? Like PukiPuki - those seem better engineered.
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    3. Love to see some pictures! And congrats

      You can try tugging the legs or try restring her shouldn't be that hard here is a link to a tutorial
      Amelia Thimble Restringing Tutorial
    4. Does Amelia fit kelly/Chelsea clothing? I would love an Amelia but I also find that the Kelly clothing is cute and would love to use them?
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    5. I think Kelly clothes would be huge on Amelia. She is very thin.
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    6. Thanks Nancy I thought she was but I wasn't sure so just thought I would ask :)
    7. I often see items offered for RealPuki or Petite Blythe/Pullip on Etsy also tagged for Amelia Thimble, so you may check there. I've had some luck with Elfdoll Tinys sharing items with her, especially more slender items from the now-defunct Lil'Bratz line.
    8. I don't have Amelia but I found the Amelia Thimble clothes fit my Realpuki very well :P ....so I think Realpuki clothes will also fit Amelia Thimble dolls?
    9. Thanks very much. I hope to be buying a Realpuki later this year. I really like the Amelia Thimble clothing so that is great to know.
    10. I'm so glad to find an Amelia Thimble thread or two on here! I'm new to BJDs and DoA, but last summer I got an Amelia and this past fall, a Hamish. They are so cute! I tried to add a picture, but haven't yet figured out how to. In February I also got a DHS Pocca... but I can't find any info about them on here so I'm wondering if they're banned.