New Doll [WITHDOLL] 60cm Boy Launch Event

Jan 24, 2017

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      Finally, We released 60cm boy.
      We've been looking for this moment for a very long time.
      We are delighted to announce this release.

      Our first 60cm boy is Alan, the Elf Assassin.
      He has delicate features and mysterious cahrm.
      We love this guy and hope that people also love it.

      The customer who purchase this doll will receive a pair of swords and Jewel eyes for free.
      Alan is sold for a limited period of time only. This limited offer ends on Feb. 24.
      Please give us your interest and support.

      Official Facebook Account
      Official Twitter Account
      Official Pinterest Account
      Official Weibo Account

      Fan Communities;

      Withdoll 60cm discussion
      WITHdoll Mini Discussion Part 8
      Withdoll 16cm discussion
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    2. Any chance of him being available in grey resin? :pout:
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    3. Thank you for your interest in our new boy.
      We just updated the skin color options ; Gray and Sweet Blue skin.
      You can order gray skin now.
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    4. Is it possible to purchase his head only?
    5. Sorry for he late response. The head can not be sold separately.
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    6. With regards to your female body? It is compatible to Volks Normal Skin?
    7. Do you have a color chart for the different resin colors, specifically a comparison with the grey and sweet blue. Thank you.
    8. It is not compatible to Volks Normal Skin.

      We have a color chart but that deos not clude Sweet Blue skin. We will take a picture for you. Please wait. :)

      [Grey UV Skin and Sweet Blue Skin]
      The same hue will look different in different light.
      Also the colors may look different from your monitor set up.
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