WITHdoll Mini Discussion Part 8

Apr 8, 2016

    1. Oh thank you, thank you, thank you! This is exactly what I was hoping for. :daisy Thanks also for the tip RE: head size. I'll be sure to keep that in mind. :thumbup
    2. @SaelaVe you are welcome!

      @Anante I hope they do an event!
      You can always try Resinsoul or Impldoll, since both of those companies do custom color matching upon request.

      @Mizya that is a great comparison, thank you! I think they look nice together, but agree that younger looking sculpts would look better in this comparison.
    3. My Emma has shipped!:dance No shipping notice, but I checked their site this morning and saw that she had shipped. She was the first doll I ordered this year.

      It looks as if Withdoll was a bit premature in marking Emma as shipped. She is finally showing up on EMS tracking as having shipped today (April 28). In fact, she's due to land in New York in a couple of hours!
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    4. Hello all! I have not been too active lately, but finally I have some updates to share!

      Zivix got a new wig in yesterday, so I was motivated to take a few shots~


      Zivix is my Mai in Brown Tan. His hair is now one tone instead of two. ^^~
    5. I missed my Rosa's delivery today :o So she's hanging out at the post office until Monday.
    6. Hi everyone! It's been a long time since I was on the forum, but I was looking at my Eliza the other day and was thinking about Withdoll...so here I am! I saw that they are doing a "Nomad" doll that caught a lot of flak for being a "gypsy" doll first- Did anyone order that doll? I'm curious as to what she looks like in person.
    7. @Mazokugirl451 I think her blank face has a lot of potential, being more of a grumpy character in my opinion. Too bad I am a strictly MSD collector. XD I am excited to see what people do with her as well.
    8. Don't you hate it when that happens? You know she's there, but you can't get your hands on her. Congrats anyway! You'll have her soon.

      I was home for my delivery yesterday. Emma is here! She is my first Withdoll and I am seriously in love with her sweet face. Here she is:
      I posted a different shot on the Waiting Room thread. I'm not going to agonize over choosing a name for her. Emma suits her perfectly. I did replace the eyes she came with. The dark green Glib acrylics were just too dark, so she is wearing a medium gray glass instead. Sorry, don't remember what brand they are.
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    9. Oh she's so lovely, @vermont chick !! How do you like her body? Does it pose well?

      Rosa will be my first Withdoll, too :D I'm super excited to get her tomorrow!
    10. Her body poses quite well. She sits firmly without toppling. Her elbows are great! She can put her hands on her face or in her hair. Her legs are not quite as mobile. I couldn't get her to kneel. I almost had her standing on one leg but I couldn't quite get her to balance wearing shoes. I didn't try barefoot. Speaking of shoes, the ones made for the former Goodreau BJDs fit perfectly. They might show up on the secondary market. The Dollinstyle shoes that I bought for my MiniFees also fit. Her body measurements are the same as Narae's, so if you sew, patterns designed for Narae will fit.
    11. @AjiAji handsome boy! He looks great!!

      @wherethelilacsbloom ooh! Postal officers are terrible, hope you can rescue her today!

      @Mazokugirl451 Lala is SD sized, so she can't be discussed here.

      @vermont chick your Emma is gorgeous!!! I saw your blog post, but I wanted to congratulate you here, too!
      You can always re-string her with thicker strings, and that would do wonders for her posing.
    12. Thanks @Musume! I think I'll wait until later to restring her. I don't really require my dolls to kneel or to stand on one foot--it was just a test I attempted out of curiosity.:) If/when I need a kneeling doll in a photo, I simply use one that can do it. There aren't many that can.:lol:
    13. @Mazokugirl451 If you're interested in Lala, you should join the SWD thread: Withdoll 60cm discussion
      We could definitely use more participants, since it's pretty quiet there. :3

      @vermont chick Congratulations on your Emma. She's lovely! ( One of my favorite sculpts from WD c: )

      I was testing a new prop I made for my dolls (the swing) and Min Ki turned it into a whole shoot, haha:

      I really love how effortless the boy body is to pose. I find the extra pieces above the thigh to be a godsent with legs that are strung together -and they'd be helpful even without that. They work really well even with the doll wearing pants, unlike most thigh-joints.
      I'm hoping Withdoll will be renewing the junior girl body next... I've been waiting a long time to be able to get a body for my vampire Rachel head. xD
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    14. Emma thanks you, @Yenna. (So do I.) The swing makes a great prop! Did you use a very long rope or a very low branch?

      I also appreciate the posing assessment of the boy body, especially as Egon the Elf Knight is back. I missed him the last time he was available for sale--I won't make that mistake again!:)
    15. @vermont chick I'd say a medium branch... Our cherry tree is quite well in scale for dolls and the lowest branches are probably at around 80-90cm height. I had cut the rope much longer -in case it was needed, so there was a lot of extra to wrap around the branches. If you want to see more posing and assessment for the boy body, you should check out this blog post: LoveWithdoll That body is definitely worth getting. Even I love it although I usually really hate handling dolls with legs strung separate from the torso. xD
    16. @Yenna
      I had asked Withdoll the other day about getting a new junior girl body. I am actually a bit bummed they said that they were going to do a Male Senior first... I really love their female sculpts, but I prefer double jointed knees. ;;

      @Musume Thank you very much~
    17. @Yenna Thanks for the link to the LoveWithdoll blog! With a few exceptions (like the head) the boy body seems to have good mobility. I do wish the knee and elbow joints were more rounded. The sharp edges revealed when the joints flex look very strange, especially under pants. The most natural looking joints I've seen belong to the Luts Model Delf. I'd like to see more doll bodies go in that direction.

      By the way, I have placed my order for Egon, but without the clothes and armor because my doll funds are depleted. Looks like I'll be sewing his outfit myself.
    18. Oh, well I'm not too surprised, seeing how well SD sized boys sell in this hobby. Not good news for those of us who are waiting for a new junior girl body, though, because that will be probably pushed back another year or two.

      The Fenrir head in those photos isn't made for the body as it originally came out with the previous male body that is no longer sold. The newer heads (like my Taren) pose much better on the new body. The jointing is within Withdoll's style. I guess, they prefer to make the nuggets inside the pieces so that they're hidden when the joints aren't bent. I don't love them myself, but they do work wonderfully even with clothes on, so I can't complain that much. I've had the displeasure of working with a lot of bodies that are hard to use with clothes on, so I'm very happy with this particular one. I only wish the insides were wider to allow thicker strings without putting too much strain on the joints.
    19. That's good news, @Yenna. I played around with posing Emma and wondered how the boy head could have so little mobility while the girl head has such a good range of motion.

      Do you (or does anyone) know if WithDoll has any connection with FairyLand? Like maybe a former FairyLand sculptor on their staff? The reason I ask is that the basic girl hands are almost identical to the MiniFee girl hands. Also the hands and feet connect in exactly the same way. In fact, I was drawn to Emma by her resemblance to MiniFee Liria. It's curious.
    20. I rescued my Rosa yesterday but was unable to get any real photos until today! Boo at rushed box openings! I didn't take any photos of it :(

      That being said, I really do love my Rosa. <3 She's so pretty! Though I do think I'll prefer her with larger eyes. I really struggled to position these 10mms, and they still don't look quite right.

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