Xaga Doll Discussion

Jul 6, 2012

    1. I'm trying to see if they'll ship her now and ship the hands when they arrive.
    2. Is there an discussion for the Xaga Doll Red Obsidian line?

      I need to know what clothes that fit the mature Red Obsidian boys!
    3. Good news! They shipped my girl ahead of her extra hands.
    4. Thanks! I'm so looking forward to her arrival. If I like what I see ( and I sure hope I do) my friend and I are ordering Zoe next.
    5. I don't believe so. I think that this is the only Xaga discussion at the moment. (I tried searching for Xaga discussions but this was the only one that came up.)

      As far as clothes go (and I'm just spit-balling here 'cause I don't own any of the Red Obsidian dolls myself), I'm thinking that most 1:6 scale fashion doll clothing would probably fit them pretty well (Ken, Ever After High boys, Pullip Taeyang, etc.). They're the same scale and appear to have similar proportions.
    6. Thank you so much for the help :)
    7. Avesome! Thank you :)
    8. OMG. I've even posted in that thread. How in the world did I forget about that? :doh
    9. Xaga's 1/3 May sculpt is so tempting.. <3

      Do you guys have any comments about the bodies and their posability? I really do like how they look. <3
    10. May is so pretty! I just received my July today and she's beautiful. I ordered her on the B body with large bust.
    11. Oooh congratulations on your July! It's a shame that you can't buy those gorgeous dresses, huh? I'd totally get May's fullset if it were available!

      How would you say your July poses? :)
    12. I haven't played with her that much yet, but I really like what I've seen so far. She came strung with the heel legs, so she hasn't been standing at all yet. I have to change them when I get a chance.
    13. Ahh ok :o Good to know! If I order May, I'm going to have to ask that she be sent with flat feet. I have never restrung a doll before, so I'll just survive without heel legs! Haha
    14. SCREAMING :D
      My Zoe Girl just arrived at my boyfriend's without even having had a shipping notice from legenddoll - I wasn't even expecting her to be finished until mid October!
      Also: no customs yessssss.

      But I wasn't expecting her for another 2 months, so she's going to be blind and naked and bald.

      So please, I need to know, clothes and wigs and eyes that will fit?
    15. Aah Zoe boy is one of the few boys out there that I really want. <3 That is such a sweet sculpt!

      I hope you will share photos of your new girl! Congrats!!

      I wish I could help you with the clothes question, but I don't have one of these lovelies yet. I think she should probably fit standard SD clothing, like Luts SDF or Volks SDGR, but don't quote me on that. :o Best wait for an owner to chime in.
    16. [​IMG]


      Here's Marceline, the Xagadoll Zoe girl on type B body with medium bust :)

      She isn't in any of her own things as I wasn't expecting her yet, but clothing wise I have noticed that SD13 clothes seem around the best fit - the dress she is wearing is for a feeple60 girl, but is a little small in the bust and a bit short.

      The resin is amazing quality, and very very smooth, seam lines seem to have been removed but the resin is still almost shiny; it's lovely.

      Body stood straight out of the box which is always nice. The limbs are strung too tightly and the torso too loosely, but that is a problem for another day.

      Very happy with my doll and can't wait to share her with you more as she gets her own belongings :)
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    17. Looks nice.

      Would you take full body shots (nude) from front and back? I'm really curious about the body proportion.
      Thanks before.