Xaga Doll Discussion

Jul 6, 2012

    1. I finally got her! and SHE'S GORGEOUS <3 will post some pictures (it's a B type body).
    2. Anybody have the type c body? Would love to see pics of it and thoughts on it~
    3. Did you ever find out? I have one on order but it’s not here yet.
    4. Nope! by chance have you received it yet? I did make a thread in the photo reference tab!
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    5. Not yet. Expecting it in April.
    6. Ah that's so soon! I'm excited for you~
    7. It arrived today and it’s adorable!
    8. Omg!! Congrats!!!:XD:

      Let me know on your thoughts on the body, please!!
    9. Hopefully someone can help me with this, how do I contact Xagadoll? Their English site seems to be defunct...
    10. Maybe try contacting them trough their social media like weibo or instagram account? Though I'm honestly not sure if contacting companies is the "norm" of weibo and instagram:/ besides I'm not sure if they have English speaking staff available there....Maybe contacting them trough one of their official dealers is an option too?
      Sorry that I'm not much help but I hope you figure it out:)
    11. Do Xaga make dolls in tan? And if yes, what does their tan look like?
      I've checked Acbjd, only normal or white is available there.
    12. Hi!!! I'm joining the threat. I don't have a Xagadoll yet but I'm seriously considering to buy one. Probably through acbjd? Not sure yet. I didn't find European dealers for them. I'd love to hear all about your dolls. How do they pose, did you guys get face ups from the company and how were those? :) Sorry for the ultimately random message. XD
    13. Welcome @Qianna! I don’t have any Xaga with factory faceup but my friend has one. Which sculpt are you looking at?
    14. Thank you! I was looking at Elsie. So pretty. :)
    15. Hello I'm ording my first doll which happens to be a Xaga and she's a 65cm so she would be a SD16 correct? Has there been any brands that dont fit? Can she possibly fit into SD13. Just curious and i skimmed through the thread so unsure if I skipped over a question like this. If so I apologize.