Xaga Mini Dolls

Feb 5, 2015

    1. Your May is so adorable! :love
    2. I already ordered her last week and ended up choosing ver. 1 as well. :)
      Thank you for sharing your opinion, now I'm even more excited about her!
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    3. They are both gorgeous! And great work on their faceups! :D

      I can't wait to get my hands on my own May girl. It's been two weeks since I've made the order but feels like forever.

      Can I ask you how tall is the girl? They say 42cm but from some owner photos I've seen I'm guessing a bit taller...?
    4. @Sonik : Thank you so much dear :hug:
      You make me remember my first order this May too, suffer every day waiting for her lol :XD:

      Wow 42 cm ? But I remember she nearly 44cm tall ! :aeyepop: And the boy is nealy 47cm. They both taller than normal msd (like minifee and littlemonica) :3nodding:
    5. I will survive! :) I just hope it won't take more than four months.

      I thought they looked taller. This is good news because the dolls I currently have are also taller than standard MSDs/

      Thank you so much and I'll be looking forward to more beautiful photos from you. <3
    6. Your May twins are awesome! I have had a May on my wish list for a long time. I really need to order one!
    7. My May is finally in her final stages of face up and mod work :) After the weather permits my chosen artist to apply the last few layers of sealant, she'll be returning home to me~

      Those twins are super cute, by the way!
    8. Your twins are breathtakingly beautiful! They make me want my boy sooner haha I was thinking of doing twins in the beginning (because I really liked girl may too) but decided to just go for the boy. But, wow seriously you've done a amazing job with them :)
    9. Sonik aww then your May will fit in your family perfectly !! :cheer Cant wait to see yours when her home
      And thank you for your kind words :hug:

      nancy_schroeder_ca oh yassss more May !! :love
      There is so rare May or xaga 1/4 out there, when I buy it there not much information about the sculpt so I really suffer lol :XD:
      Thank you and hope to see your May soonnnn

      wherethelilacsbloom Thank you !!
      What you order to mod her ? :aeyepop: I really curious about how she turn out, can't wait to see her with her finish faceup and fully clothes :nosebleed

      TheSecretRoman Thank you, you make me feel so happy :frownyblush::frownyblush:
      Yasss another twins !! And if for me to say, I must say that the girl body of xaga is muchhhh better than boy body. So it really worth for you to go for a girl too :wiggle:wiggle
      Good luck and hope you can bought the boy soon.
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    10. @yumenokaori - I wanted her eyes to be a bit bigger, so I asked the artist to make them bigger, but to keep the same shape :3 So she should still look like May, just with bigger eyes ^_^ I'm really excited to get her back soon!
    11. wherethelilacsbloom oh talking about that !
      True is when May come home to me, I really surprise because her eyes look smaller then I though !
      I event have to find eyes with small iris to fit her :aeyepop:
      But well luckily I have some fetish with small eyes so they are perfect for me.

      Can't wait to see May with bigger eyes :D I think she will look adoreble and amazing ^^
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    12. My May finally received the clothes I ordered for him in June! Yay! I hope to share an updated photo of him soon. :)

      I can't wait to see your May! :daisy
    13. I'm very tempted to go for twins but I will have to wait and see :)
    14. [​IMG]

      Took Eon on a short hiking adventure this weekend. His new coat helped keep him toasty warm!
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    15. Hi guys! Okay so I just stumbled across this brand and I had no idea anyone made 1/6 sized mature dolls. Does anyone here have photos of their red obsidian dolls that they could share with me? Is Xaga still making them? I really like syivia-1 but I don't see any red options on the actual Xaga page, the only one I see is at Alice's collections. I usually like my dolls pretty uniform, I've been trying to sell some of my dolls so I can stick to just one aesthetic, but I think a little fairy this size would be so sweet.
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    17. Hello everyone! I am not sure if she counts as a mini but My first doll is going to be a Xagadoll Ximigo. I just love her happy innocent smile. So cute! I'm going to dress her in frilly pink, with a black bob wig. So cute ^.^
    18. Congratulations! Ximigo is a tiny!
    19. I just wish I could find some more info on her. Then again I don't think anything could turn me away from her. Shes just so stinking cute.