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2D Doll is a Chinese company that sells through various dealerships. Their dolls come in 1/3 (63 cm, 58 cm, 54 cm), 1/4 (41 cm, 42 cm), 1/6 (27 cm, 28 cm), and "Uncle" (68 cm, 73 cm) sizes. They also have Limited Special Bodies that are 25 cm, and the "2.5D" 28 cm body. 2D Doll's style has a strong anime influence, reminiscent of Dollfie Dream and SQ Lab. They also offer more realistic sculpts.

2D Doll offers default face-ups for $60 USD, along with an option for a wig, clothing, and shoes to make a full set. In addition, they sell jointed hands, high heel legs and feet, individual heads, and bodies.

Doll Lines


2D Dolls are cast by DikaDoll in polyurethane resin, and offer the same colors as DikaDoll.

Resin Colors

  • White
  • Pure White
  • Normal Yellow
  • Normal Pink
  • Tan (Limited)
  • Grey (Limited)


2D Doll Website

Dealer Links

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